If you suffer from lower back pain, it can be hard to find a balance between getting the exercise you need and not aggravating your injury further. But there’s one very simple, accessible way to alleviate lower back pain at home, and it works for almost everyone.

Lower back pain is a common ailment that affects people of all ages. Lower back pain affects people of different ages and backgrounds, and the pain can be caused by a number of different factors, including spinal injury, degenerative disc disease or disc herniation, sheath hernias, and muscle strains or tears. While many people seek treatment from healthcare professionals, many others find relief from yoga poses.

Spine flexion, also called lordosis, is a lumbar spinal condition in which the pelvis tilts forward (lordosis), causing the lower back to protrude in a curve (hump). The result of this movement is an abnormal rotation of the lumbar vertebrae. The base of the spine gets extremely flexed and the spinal muscles are put under considerable stress. This puts a lot of stress on the discs and ligaments of the lower back, which can lead to neck and shoulder pain.

At the end of a long day, your lower back hurts and all you want to do is lie on the couch and watch TV.

Did you know that ten minutes of yoga is enough to relieve back pain? Tension in this part of the back is often caused by tense thigh muscles and poor posture, and there are a number of postures that can help correct this.

Try this short yoga series designed specifically to treat low back pain and start feeling better today!

1. Cat and cow pose

This position allows us to gently warm up the back before moving on to other stretching exercises.

Starting with a table position, place your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. As you inhale, look to the sky, lift your tailbone and gently lower your belly to the ground. Exhale through your mouth and turn your back to your hips.

Repeat with three breaths.

2. Cobra equipment

The cobra pose is a great way to stretch your lower back and strengthen it at the same time.

Lie on your stomach and place your hands behind your shoulders. Inhale and use your back muscles to lift your shoulders and chest off the floor. Your arms can carry some of your body weight, but let your back muscles do the heavy lifting. Exhale and lower your back.

Repeat this process three times, carefully climbing a little higher each time.

3. Creating children

After the strengthening work of the cobra pose, this pose acts as a counter pose and allows the spine to recover.

Sit back on your heels and put your forehead on the floor. Wrap your hands around your heels and let your shoulders relax.

Hold this position for three full breaths.

4. Down Dog

The downward facing dog is an essential pose in any yoga class, as it significantly stretches the hamstrings and helps release tension in the lower back.

While lying on the table, pull your toes under you and lift your hips to the sky. Bend through your knees and lift your tailbone as you bring your heels back to the mat. Press the arms evenly and bring the shoulder blades back.

Hold this position for three full breaths.

5. downward turn of the dog

Credit : Meagan McCrary

This nice open twist promotes free movement of the spine.

Inhale and bring one hand to the opposite ankle or calf. Keep your knees bent and your hips flat, and look up through your armpits to keep the momentum going.

Hold the position for three breaths and repeat on the other side.

6. Standing pre-fold

Forward bends are essential for anyone suffering from lower back pain, but should be performed with knees bent to avoid injury.

Bend your knees firmly and tilt your upper body over your feet. Make sure you gently lift your tailbone by leaning on your heels. Let your arms, shoulders and neck hang down gently.

Hold this position for three full breaths.

7. Assembly

It may not seem like much, but the mountain pose can teach you how to stand correctly to reduce future lower back pain.

Stand with your feet under your hips and press the four corners of both feet into the mat. Tighten the leg muscles while gently lowering the tailbone. Lift your body inward and upward by pulling your shoulder blades downward. Raise the top of your head to the sky.

Stay here for three breaths, concentrating on the length of your spine. Try to be aware of the need to create the same alignment throughout the day.

8. Achilles tendon stretching in the supine position

This pose allows you to deeply stretch the muscles of the legs and release tension at the back of the body.

Lie on your back and raise one leg to the sky. Hold the calf or pull the Achilles tendon toward you with the strap around the ball of the foot. Gently pull the leg back a little more with each exhalation.

Repeat with three breaths on each side.

9. Supported bridge position

Credit : Meagan McCrary

By doing a variation of this pose with support, you can gently stretch your back without straining it.

Raise the soles of your feet toward you at hip height. As you inhale, lift your hips with your feet and place a block or pillow under your tailbone. Exhale and release your body onto the support.

Stay there for three breaths and let the rest of your body relax.

10. Curl in prone position

When you lie on your back, you relieve the muscles on either side of your spine that are strained during the day and keep your spine healthy.

Bring your knees to your chest, spread your arms and slowly lower your knees to your sides.  Use a bolster under the knees for support or increase the stretch by extending the upper leg and looking away from the feet.

Hold the position for three full breaths on each side.

Practice this gentle ten-minute sequence every day, and you’ll find that your back pain will subside in just a few days! You will even find that you have more energy for other favorite activities when you are not constantly exhausted by an aching body.

What poses do you like to do to relieve a sore back? Share it with the rest of the community in the comments below!Lower back pain in the elderly is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States. This is largely due to a combination of factors, including physical inactivity, obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and poor posture. It is a significant health issue that often goes untreated and untreated until it becomes severe.. Read more about yoga for lower back pain beginners and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best yoga pose for lower back pain?

The best yoga pose for lower back pain is a seated forward fold.

Should I do yoga if I have lower back pain?

If you have lower back pain, it is best to avoid yoga.

What is the fastest way to recover from lower back pain?

The fastest way to recover from lower back pain is to stop the activity that caused the pain.

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