Most expectant moms know pre-natal yoga can be a lifesaving practice, helping you find more energy, relieve morning sickness and even enhance postpartum recovery. But while many expectant mothers have likely heard of prenatal yoga, many aren’t aware of the benefits or how to begin. So we’ve done the research and selected a 15 min routine that will help you ease back into your pre-natal yoga practice after months of discomfort.

Morning yoga sessions can be tiring, but thanks to a unique prenatal routine to ease into your workout, you can get those benefits without feeling over-stressed. It’s more important than ever to incorporate relaxation into your daily routine, which is why a post-yoga stretch is so important.

You know the drill. Getting down on the floor for 15 minutes a day in the first trimester is the key to a safe and healthy pregnancy for everyone. But is it all this? Are you doing it right? As a new mom myself, I know the struggle and I want to help you out.

I’m in my 5th year now. I am one month pregnant and having twins around 15. December around. I am so excited and really enjoying being pregnant.

I love yoga, and even though I have so many reasons not to get on the mat – my belly is too fat, I’m tired, I need to eat again – just doing some stretches and connecting with my breathing is always the best thing I do for myself.

With my first son, Timothy, I did headstands until a few days before he was born. I have to admit that I feel much more tired this time. I’m sure it comes from having two people living in me and a toddler to take care of.

If you’re expecting a baby and suffer from fatigue, this morning prenatal yoga routine will help you feel good all day long.

1. Cat/cow

I like the cat/cow to wake up the body. It warms the spine, is excellent for the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, and is good for the back.

2. Warrior One

An energetic pose, Warrior 1 strengthens the legs, gives mothers confidence, opens the hip flexors and the entire front of the body.

3. Wider side angle

Stretches the flanks and waist to increase the amount of breath in the body, immediately awakening all forces. The stretched angle strengthens the legs and buttocks and stretches the whole body.

4. Goddess Pose or Sumo Squat

Squats are great for boosting energy and increasing heart rate. Squats are also useful for pregnant women, as they prepare the body for childbirth. The sumo squat mainly strengthens the inner thighs, hips and pelvic floor.

5. Boom installation

Wood promotes concentration, balance and stability. When we focus our minds, it helps increase our energy. When we are nervous and in a hurry all the time, it depletes our energy. Try making a tree to gather your thoughts and worries in one place and let them come out through your breathing. It’s hard for an expectant mother not to worry and think about the future.

6. Firewood or dowel equipment

One of my favorite poses! From the ankle to the knee opens the hips, stretches the inner and outer thighs and strengthens the pelvic floor. We often store a lot of energy in our hips, this position frees it up and allows us to use it for all our daily activities.

7. Driving with tower

This is one of the safest twists for pregnant women, as the belly remains open and the midline is not crossed. Turning is excellent for boosting our energy. The rack curl opens up the hips, inner thighs and sides of the waist.

Try them if you’re expecting – they’re a great way to start the day and boost your energy while fighting fatigue. Even if you’re not pregnant, this is a good, easy routine for everyone!

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