It’s no secret that ’s most successful clients tend to be foodies, active, adventurous individuals. By actively seeking them out, you can learn all kinds of details and secrets that can help you get in your best shape. Here are 35 lessons that will help you get your best body ever.

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Are you tired of so-called experts telling you how to eat better and improve your fitness? If so, this article is your antidote. We share 35 tips, ideas and strategies that real clients – people just like you – have used to get into the best shape of their lives.


Imagine a life where you…

…feel physically and mentally strong, able to take on any challenge without worrying about energy levels or weight.

…you can run with your kids or grandkids without feeling sore, tired or jaded; and you can do it again the next day.

… book your beach vacation without worrying about how you’ll look (or feel) in a bathing suit as you walk down the beach.

…like to be photographed without wondering who the person is or how long they’ve looked like this.

This is not a fantasy.

We work with thousands of clients and have heard the deepest reasons why they want to change their bodies and their lives.

(You’ll read about some of them below, you’ll even see pictures of them).

Strangely enough, most of them did not believe that change was really possible. Not in the context of their exceptionally busy and often stressful lives.

When they started working with us, their goals seemed more like fantasies. Even something as simple as getting up without having to say umphhhh seemed unattainable.

But notice what happened next.

They have lost body mass and fat. You’ve created a force. They got healthy again. And they took control of their physical form, some for the first time in their lives.

These are the women you see today, who are confident and walk with their heads held high. People with superhero energy and absolutely pure health.

So we decided to ask him:

How did you do that?

Your answers were so good that we decided to share them today.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Common obstacles that many of our clients face.
  • The fears many of them had when they started.
  • How they overcame their fears, overcame the obstacles.
  • And how you can do the same.

But before we get into that, I want to let you know that we will soon be freeing up seats in our coaching program.

Twice a year we work with small groups of men and women who want to feel better. Over 12 months, we help them get and stay in the best shape of their lives….. to get and stay in the best shape of their lives.

Just so you know: We have tested coaching with over 100,000 clients over the past 15 years. In addition, several peer-reviewed scientific articles have confirmed the safety and effectiveness of our approach.

Watch this short video to see what great things we got them to do:

Meet some of the people whose bodies and lives have been changed by coaching.

Would you like to know more? Get your name on the presale list today.

I wonder how you can get similar results yourself?

Let’s hear from our former coaches.

Don’t think, act.

When the time comes and you’re sitting on the fence – you want to do it, you’re thinking about it, you’re not sure if you should do it – jump off that fence, says Patrick, 35, who weighs 152 pounds with .

Give everything you have; why stay put when you can be part of life?

Transfiguration of Patrick

Lost 152 pounds and 20% body fat!

  • Guy: 35 years old
  • Weight loss: 152 pounds (from 417 pounds to 265 pounds)
  • loss of body fat: 20% (from 39.1% to 19.1%)
  • Total loss of inches: 73 inches (from 337 inches to 264 inches)

Ignoring basic instructions.

Unrealistic (and frankly insulting) click baits like Flatten Your Tummy in 5 Minutes a Day and Sculpt Your Butt While Sitting Still are designed to increase ad sales, not get you in shape.

Most of our clients, after seeing a positive and practical approach, realize that the misleading tone of the health and fitness media has held them back for years.

Find trusted friends or acquaintances who have lost weight and do the same.

Why reinvent the wheel? When you see a real success story unfold before your eyes, emulate it. That’s how Sharon D’Arcy, 46, discovered she had lost more than 20 pounds.

(Click here to read her story, which contains incredible inspiration).

Conversion of Sharon

Lost 33 pounds and 13% body fat!

  • Man: 46 years old
  • Weight loss: 33 pounds (from 151 pounds to 118 pounds)
  • loss of body fat: 13% (from 28% to 15%)
  • Total loss of inches: 18.5 inches (from 209.1 inches to 190.6 inches)

Would you like to know more? Get your name on the presale list today.


Give up your diet and change the way you think about food.

Before he started coaching, Owen had an all-or-nothing approach to his diet.

I tried to explain to my five-year-old niece that I can’t eat a piece of cake because it’s not an eating day, Owen says. And three days later, I’m already making macaroni and cheese on pizza.

Through the NP, Owen has learned to see food choices on a continuum. After a decade of extremes, he began to moderate. No food was banned (or considered cheating), but it also meant less overeating.

About a month ago, I had just finished a 70-hour work week. At the store, I decided to buy myself a treat. I came home and realized I hadn’t bought a box of donuts or frozen pizza. I have a pineapple. It was a very cool moment – realizing how far we’ve come.

Owen after resistance training.

Stop living by the principle Coulda, shoulda, shoulda.

To make real progress, allow yourself to focus only on what you can do now. Not in a hypothetical future where everything is perfect.

Make the most of what you have now. As a result, Sharon was able to lose weight and beat cancer, all in the same year.

Recognize that you don’t have to be perfect to move forward (especially when things go wrong).

For Gautham, there was the award for the largest garbage barrel fire in 2020. An important relationship broke up, a family member became ill, and then there was a pandemic.

Gautham could not sleep due to the stress, which affected his energy level.

So he turned to his PN coach, Jonathan Pope, who helped him reduce.

During training, Gautham aimed for a score of 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. He didn’t lift weights or run as hard. He remembered that intensity level 6 was much better than zero.

Now, a year later, Gautham’s body is leaner and he weighs 10 pounds less. It’s definitely the lightest weight I’ve ever owned, and it makes it easy to move around.

But what changed even more was his way of thinking. He knows now that he can move forward, even if things are not perfect, even if it is chaos around him.

You never know what life will bring. As Gautham says: You just have to find a way to live with it and make it work.

Gautham after training.

Feel more than you see.

Of course, it is the desire to look better that drives most clients to sign up for coaching. But that’s not what leads them to amazing transformations.

Healthy eating habits ultimately improve well-being – the way a person moves, thinks and enjoys life in general – leading to maintaining healthy eating habits and losing dozens of pounds over time.

Focus on the joy of movement.

Enjoy your body, Sharon. Enjoy the movement. Be proud of what you can do.

This deep understanding of physical health enables many clients to maintain a fitness program and lose weight over time.

Recognize real pleasure.

Most clients realize that they have been eating mindlessly for a long time, taking in calories without tasting the food.

There’s nothing wrong with dessert, says Jano, 35, who lives with .

Of course he still likes desserts once in a while, but he thinks you only have to eat them once in a lifetime to really enjoy them.

Transformation Jano

Lost 76 pounds and 20.9% body fat!

  • Guy: 35 years old
  • Weight loss: 76 pounds (from 256 pounds to 180 pounds)
  • % body fat lost: 20,9 % (from 34,1 % to 13,2 %)
  • Waist reduction: 10 inches (from 43 inches to 33 inches)

Would you like to know more? Get your name on the presale list today.


Be aware of your surroundings.

When they become aware of how their environment led them to unhealthy habits – like Sarah who worked in fast food restaurants for years – many clients can understand why they are the way they are and start focusing on how to change it.

The transformation of Sarah

Lost 52 pounds and 14.2% body fat!

  • Guy: 29 years old
  • Weight loss: 52 pounds (from 191 pounds to 139 pounds)
  • loss of body fat: 14.2% (from 26.3% to 12.1%)
  • Total loss of inches: 50 inches (239 inches to 189 inches)

Don’t give in to the pack mentality.

It turns out a lot of people have health and weight issues, like me, says Jano.

And often they don’t even want to eat badly; they just do it because everyone else – friends, family, relatives – does it. This has been my problem for a long time.

Dive below the surface.

We can leave all our food problems behind and see small, fleeting changes on the scale…. or we can really dig into our relationship with food and improve it for the long term.

For Sarah, making herself vulnerable during the program and opening herself up to a process of introspection proved to be her greatest strength:

How have the hard times brought me to where I am now and how did I get through them, Sarah wondered. What is really important to me? What brings me joy? How can I get more?

In that time Sarah has lost 52 pounds.

Say goodbye to the old one.

It’s not a meaningless cliché. We have found that many people have an invisible fear of losing themselves when they lose weight.

Consciously mourn your old self while welcoming a healthier one. Many clients have been able to identify and minimize certain fears in this way.

Stay connected to what you love about your home.

Just remember that you deserve all the amazing knowledge, strength gains, friendships, learning – everything you will get out of this program by finding and discovering a new and better version of yourself, says Sarah.

You’re worth it.

Know that everyone needs to work on themselves.

Fit and healthy people who seem to have it all together should also make an effort to eat well.

We know this because the coaches themselves often talk about it.

Clients say it’s reassuring to get to know them because you can see how committed they are to learning, developing and becoming a better version of themselves.

Reduce the meaning of the word work in the word training.

Many clients say that one of the results of our program – and what helps them maintain an optimal exercise program – is that they have come to see exercise as a game, a pleasure, a release.

Find activities you enjoy, and moving your body becomes a goal to achieve, not one to be afraid of.

Keep it simple.

Like many of her clients, Christalyn, 34, usually blames herself for her failures and thinks she should get in shape without help.

Fortunately, coaching has taught her that she doesn’t always have to be difficult. And it’s normal to seek support. There may be a way to make something difficult easier, and it’s worth finding out how.

Her results – including a 30kg weight loss – show what is possible when you relax a little and trust those around you.

Crystalline transformation

Lost 86 pounds and 55 inches!

  • Guy: 34 years old
  • Weight loss: 86 pounds (from 259 pounds to 173 pounds)
  • Total inch loss: 55 inches (269 inches to 214 inches)

Change the equation to inspiration.

Forget about jealousy and intimidation. Clients comment that the program allows them to stop talking: It can’t happen to me and I’m starting to be inspired by the successes of others.

Many clients come to the program with serious health problems that need to be addressed. Talk to them and let their energy infect you.

Taking small steps every day

It’s easy to think you have to make all the changes at once. But the small steps add up to a whole.

Here’s what Mark, 51, learned when he lost 42 pounds as a coach.

Says Mark: Be patient. Just show up every day and focus on making small changes consistently.

Conversion marking

Lost 42 pounds and 32 inches!

  • Guy: 51 years old
  • Weight loss: 42 pounds (from 192 pounds to 150 pounds)
  • Total loss of inches: 32 inches (from 237 inches to 205 inches)

Try something else.

Mickler thought he knew a lot about diets.

After all, he had been on extremely restrictive diets for years. For me, coming from a large family where all gatherings often revolved around food, this was not easy.

Mickler often had the split body he wanted, but just as often he didn’t.

At some point, I realized I couldn’t keep going up and down the field, Mickler said. I had to find a way to be sustainable.

Mickler found coaching through a Facebook ad and enrolled at the first opportunity.

Mikler’s coach, Jonathan Pope, has been a source of confidence during sometimes difficult transitions. At first, he gently advised Mickler to practice mindful eating.

Mickler tried it and discovered that being aware of how he felt when he ate was much more effective and practical than dieting.

I can have the body I want and still be there for my family. I can have a better relationship with food and the people around me. I can be free.

Mickler before and after coaching.

Let others take the helm.

Many clients come to our program knowing a lot about health and nutrition. Moreover, many of them are physical trainers and health professionals themselves. Why does the weight still cling to them?

Your moment of realization: Hand over control to coaches who offer practical advice on lifestyle, daily habits and, most importantly, the accountability needed to make real changes.

Turn your knowledge into action.

Leor, 40, knows the value of a slow, thoughtful diet. She also knew about nutritious food. Your problem is to do it.

Her grandmother had been on many diets when she was young, often trying to eat sensibly. But for DU, healthy eating was just a theory – Leor didn’t put it into practice. This time she said to herself: Practice and give it a shot.

When Leore dropped below 200 pounds for the first time in over a decade, she realized that knowing something is one thing, living it is another.

And indeed, it turned out to be much easier than she thought.

I didn’t have to make such a radical change, which would have been very complicated and taken me forever. In DU’s case, I focused on a few simple elements, and together they produced excellent results.

Leor after the training.

Recognize that you can never be too busy.

The program is specifically designed for people who think they just don’t have the time. They are often our most successful customers.

Lisanne, 39, lost 38 pounds during the program while caring for three young children, including a breastfed infant, and became certified as a yoga teacher and doula.

Other clients have multiple jobs or have to travel five days a week and never know where they will stay next. They tell us that coaching eases their schedule by bringing structure to their lives.

Lisanna Conversion

Lost 38 pounds and 14% body fat!

  • Guy: 39 years old
  • Weight loss: 38 pounds (from 160 pounds to 122 pounds).
  • loss of body fat: 14% (from 36% to 22%)
  • Total loss of inches: 41 inches (229 inches to 188 inches)

Focus on what you can do now.

Forget what you can’t do. Determine what you are currently capable of and build on that.

I had to find the strength to accept that it’s okay to do things a little differently, says Richard, 49, who lost 103 pounds during our year-long program.

I had to accept to do what I was capable of.

Clients eventually internalize this mantra: Start where you are. Use everything you’ve got. Do what you can.

The transfiguration of Richard

Lost 103 pounds and 20% body fat!

  • Guy: 49 years old
  • Weight loss: 103 pounds (from 318 pounds to 215 pounds)
  • Fat loss: 20% (from 40.9% to 20.9%)
  • Total loss of inches: 30 inches (285 inches to 255 inches)

Imagine the model you would like to give to your children.

That’s how it should be.

I want my children to be healthy, happy and proud of their lifestyle, says Lysanna. It’s not enough that I support the idea, I have to be an example.

Do not confuse selfishness with self-love.

Many clients fear that if they put themselves first, they will be distracted from the people who need them, which can be detrimental to business or personal relationships.

Sneha, 44, whose struggle to lose weight is tied to her deep connection to her family, can attest to that.

To know: Sneha was having a hard time finding time for his… Working out, sleeping in, cooking, relieving stress… because she had to take care of others.

Your DU coach suggested: What about drawing lines?

This made Sneha angry.

I thought so: I grew up in an Indian family. How do I draw the line? That would be the end of the relationship!

It took a lot of work and thought, but eventually Sneha realized that she too deserved to be taken care of, not just her family members.

She also discovered that her journey was not at all about achieving a certain body. My main goal was to change my relationship with myself. It took me a long time to figure it out, Sneha said.

It’s funny: Now that Sneha is taking care of herself and getting better, she is a better support for her loved ones than ever before.

At the end of the coaching, Sneha had a photo session.

Stop thinking you have to dedicate your entire life to weight loss.

Of course, some of the changes you need to make to be healthy will be basic. But the truth is, you only need a few hours a week to build a great body.

With the right help and by doing simple but effective exercises daily, anyone can lose weight, be healthier and feel better.

Kia, 34, understood this and lost 61 pounds.


61 pounds lost and 19% body fat!

  • Guy: 34 years old
  • Weight loss: 61 pounds (from 199 pounds to 138 pounds)
  • loss of body fat: 19% (from 37% to 18%)
  • Total loss of inches: 50 inches (from 252 inches to 202 inches)

Would you like to know more? Get your name on the presale list today.


Recognise that progress is usually not easy.

If you measure your success by the weight you weigh each morning, you may give up before you develop healthy habits or see any real change.

Our clients’ progress graphs usually look like a meandering line of progress, regression, additional progress and lessons learned (we know this because our software records them for them, so they can track them constantly).

A year later, dozens of pounds have been permanently lost. It’s definitely worth the roller coaster ride.

For every problem there is a remedy.

When Donna, 68, signed up for the PN program after seeing her daughter’s progress, she had only one goal in mind: to get back in shape.

Your motivation? Two young and very active grandchildren.

Within months of starting the program, Donna’s body had changed. She was even able to do a Turkish lift (a difficult movement to train with weights) without any problems. But after about five months, Donna was diagnosed with arthritis and tendinitis.

I was eating better, exercising and losing weight – and now arthritis would take over my body? It wasn’t fair, she said. I thank God for my coach.

Coach Pam Ruland helped Donna focus on what she could do instead of her limitations.

I pushed, pushed, pushed. I say to myself: Don’t be a wimp, Donna said. But I need to find something that fits my body.

Despite this setback, Donna has lost 42 pounds and, more importantly, is full of energy. Her grandchildren must follow her.

Donna before and after coaching.

Stop blaming external factors.

I realized I had to take responsibility for my choices, says Heather, 37, who lost 47 pounds during the program.

I had to be honest with myself. I’ve learned to make the difference between thinking I should do X and deciding I should do X and I do X.

Transfiguration of the Heath

Lost 47 pounds and 10% body fat!

  • Guy: 37 years old
  • Weight loss: 47 pounds (from 219 pounds to 172 pounds)
  • Fat loss: 10% (from 38% to 28%)
  • Total loss of inches: 43 inches (253 inches to 210 inches)

Ensuring that health programs meet your needs.

All too often, people trying to get in shape lose hope because the training and nutrition programs seem rigid, not designed for their lives.

Trainers contribute to this. We help you create a user guide – a manual for your life.

Cheryl, 49, lost 20 pounds when she was diagnosed with osteochondrosis halfway through the program. No heavy lifting? No problem. We helped her adjust her training.

In a way, the diagnosis was a relief, Cheryl says. For me, at least, it was nice to admit that I wasn’t doing what others in the gym were doing.

Cheryl’s transformation

Lost 68 pounds and 20% body fat!

  • Guy: 49 years old
  • Weight loss: 68 pounds (from 245 pounds to 177 pounds)
  • loss of body fat: 20% (from 44% to 24%)
  • Total inch loss: 65 inches (280 inches to 215 inches)

Don’t let a liver lead you astray.

I realized I could be clean every time I made a mistake, because it’s about healthy living, not just dieting, says Patricia, 46, who lives with .

Coaching has taught me habits and changed the way I think about my body and the food I put in it. It’s a life plan, and it’s something I know I can do anytime.

Transformation of Patricia

Lost 69 pounds and 25% body fat!

  • Man: 46 years old
  • Weight loss: 69 pounds (from 250 pounds to 181 pounds)
  • % body fat lost: 25% (from 50% to 25%)
  • Total loss of inches: 35 inches (from 250 inches to 215 inches)

Do not expect unwavering enthusiasm.

You see, it’s hard work sometimes. It affects everyone.

I realized that sometimes you have to get off your lazy butt to go to the gym, even if you don’t want to, and that’s a huge burden off my shoulders, says Kim, 25, who was born with .

And while the training can be slow and unchallenging at first, once you get into it, it’s very easy to complete.

Conversion of Kim

Lost 24 pounds and 16.3% body fat!

  • Guy: 25 years old
  • Weight loss: 24 pounds (from 160 pounds to 136 pounds)
  • loss of body fat: 16.3% (from 29.5% to 13.2%)

Be aware that change can surprise you.

Javier, 42, lost 60 pounds with the help of coaching.

And yet, until he saw her last photos, he couldn’t fully understand the changes that had happened to her.

A few weeks before the photo shoot he even threatened to give up and only the support of his coach helped him to keep going.

Javier’s class: Remember, the road to success is paved with failures.

Javier Transformation

Lost 60 pounds and 32 inches!

  • Man: 42 years old
  • Weight loss: 60 pounds (from 245 pounds to 185 pounds)
  • Total loss of inches: 32 inches (269 inches to 237 inches)

Want help becoming the healthiest, fittest and strongest version of yourself?

Most people know that regular exercise, good nutrition, sleep and stress management are important to feeling and looking good. However, they need help applying this knowledge in the context of their busy and sometimes stressful lives.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped over 100,000 clients lose fat, get stronger and improve their health with the coaching method… all the time…. no matter what challenges they face.

That’s why we work with health, fitness and wellness professionals (through our level 1 and 2 certification programs) to teach them how to coach their clients to solve the same problems.

Interested in training? Sign up for presale; save up to 54% and get your seat 24 hours in advance.

Places will become available at the next coaching session on Wednesday the 14th. July 2021.

If you are interested in coaching and want to know more, I encourage you to sign up on the pre-sale list below. Inclusion in the list offers you two special advantages.

  • They pay less than everyone else. We like to promote the most interested and motivated people, because they are always the best customers. Get on the pre-sale list and you can save up to 54% off the sale price, the lowest price we’ve ever offered.
  • You have a better chance of getting a seat. To give clients the personal attention and care they deserve, we only open the program twice a year. The last time we opened registration, all tickets sold out within minutes. If you sign up on the pre-sale list, you will have the opportunity to sign up 24 hours in advance, increasing your chances of participating.

If you’re ready to change your body and your life with the help of the best trainers in the world, this is your chance.

[Comment: If your health and fitness are already good, but you want to help others, check out our Level 1 certification program].

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