Yoga really works to help people with anxiety, depression, and mental health issues. Learn about these yoga success stories.


Yoga is not just a series of poses – it’s a way of life. It’s a philosophy that helps you find and stay on your path to a healthy, happy, and thriving life. While yoga is about what you do, one of its most important values is what you think about.

We all know that yoga helps us release stress, calm us down, wake us up and feel more alive. For many, however, yoga has literally become a lifeline. These inspiring yogis reveal how their practice has changed their lives and put them on the path to better health and a brighter future.

1. Russell Brand overcomes his addiction.

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Once upon a time, comedian Russell Brand was in the news for various reasons (alcohol, drugs, sex addiction). Today he stands out for his honest and inspiring relationship with yoga.

Brand says he realized that his harmful use of LSD, heroin, sex and alcohol was actually a mental problem. He claims to be an instinctive follower, but it took yoga to show him that he was using his heart and soul in the wrong direction.

I recognize authenticity through yoga practice, Brand says. By being one with God from moment to moment, I feel a realness that I don’t feel anywhere else in my life.

Over time, Brand focused more on yoga and meditation than on women and drugs. Nowadays he practices yoga to get in touch with himself and the higher powers, while remaining sober and pure.

2. Rebecca Berry’s crooked spine has been corrected.

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Rebecca Berry, 29, from Norfolk, UK, thought she would never be able to enjoy life again without a devastating and painful operation. Berry has suffered from scoliosis since her teens and has even worn clothes in four different sizes to hide her severely curved spine.

She refused invasive surgery to fix the problem and turned to yoga. After a month, her back was straight and she felt confident and ready to face the world. Berry now devotes his time to his favorite sport, scuba diving.

3. Tommy Rosen scores the matchwinner.

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Tommy Rosen once suffered from a gambling addiction so severe that he developed severe degenerative disc disease after playing blackjack for 72 hours.

Suffering from severe pain, he discovered Kundalini Yoga. By applying yoga principles to her daily life, not just on the mat, Rosen began to connect with her mind, body and spirit and experience a rush that, while not as strong as the game, has no hangovers, negative effects or lows.

With the support of yoga, Rosen hasn’t played in over 10 years.

4. Maria Shriver is changing her life.

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Maria Shriver believes yoga saved her life. Between her father’s death, her mother’s battle with cancer and her husband’s departure, Shriver just wanted to evaporate. While trying to recover from her alcoholism and drug addiction, she still felt disconnected from her body, mind and spirit.

A friend from an A.A. meeting suggested that Shriver take her to a yoga class. Overcome with emotion, Shriver cried during the first class – yoga awakened her sense of mind-body connection.

She came off the mat a different person and said that yoga and mindfulness helped her build a relationship with my body that continues to this day and gave her the push she needed.

5. Lauren Rogele finds healing.

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Lauren Roegele, co-founder of and director of the Vancouver Yoga School, has been in a state of gloom for several years. She suffered from chronic pain and severe post-traumatic stress disorder after being hit by a drunk driver.

I discovered yoga the week I planned to commit suicide, Roghele says. At the time I discovered yoga, I was severely depressed. Because of the limitations of my body – my left leg was broken, my lungs were destroyed….. It was about to explode when I dove into a dark crevice.

I decided this week to spend as much time as possible with my family. At the time, her mother was doing yoga and invited Lauren to her yoga class. The courses were very intensive. I was in a lot of pain. But it was a great awakening when I felt the presence of that energy holding me back.

I surrendered to that energy and in that moment I realized that I really wanted to live and just needed help. It was literally the moment I finally let go of my pride and asked for help.

Roghele began seeing a psychologist regularly and immersed herself in yoga, which she said saved her life and contributed to her recovery.

Do you have a yoga experience that changed your life? We would love to hear from you yogis!Yoga, when done properly, can be an extremely good form of exercise. Physical and mental benefits of regular yoga practice include increased flexibility, stress relief, and better overall health. Yoga can be as simple as sitting on a chair and breathing for a few minutes each day to a full-on 60-minute class. The key is finding a teacher who can show you the correct alignment of body, mind, and breath.. Read more about yoga miracle stories and let us know what you think.

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