It’s the time of year when the days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing colors. As we get ready to stop burning our feet on the pavement and get in the car for another long commute to work, we often start to feel a little bit sluggish.  In order to get our bodies ready for slowing things down a bit, we need to get our bodies moving.  Yoga is a great way to start, but it’s also a great way to end the month.  So what are some of the best yoga poses for the end of the month?  (there are 8)

Before fall arrives, you’ll have to start preparing for it, which means preparing your body for the upcoming season. What does this mean exactly? Warm up your muscles, set the stage for a month full of activity, and get ready for your favorite fall sports: skiing, hiking, and biking.

Fall is a favorite time of year to get out into nature. We have to try to keep up with the changing colors, the changing temperatures, and the changing weather. It can make us feel a little bit old, but it is always worth it. The key to dealing with the changing weather is to stay active. We should be moving around as much as possible. Yoga is a great way to help us get prepared for the fall and keep us active.

While the winds of change race through the fall season like clockwork, our minds and bodies are not always prepared for the change in weather or temperature, and we can end up feeling a little uncomfortable or even a little stressed.

Believe it or not, connecting with the earth and taking the time to ground our minds and bodies is the best thing we can do this fall season. Otherwise, we can constantly suffer from the typical symptoms of the season.

Do you suffer from symptoms of falling?

Have you ever felt nervous, anxious, or difficult to concentrate?  Are your bones and joints a little sore? How about dry or irritated skin or even tinnitus?

These are just some of the symptoms that indicate you may have a slight Vata imbalance. And that’s where taking good care of yourself, eating well and practicing yoga can help balance the winds of change in the fall.

The science of life is also the science of our nature

Ayurveda, a science related to yoga and literally meaning science of life, associates autumn and winter with the concept of Vata, one of the three doshas that define human character, with foods and herbs, as well as the seasons and a number of other elements studied to maintain a balance with nature, both in mind and body.

Vata’s nature is associated not only with wind and air, but also with that which is cold, dry, rough, brittle and hard – which we readily associate with the autumn and winter seasons. In the body, Vata is also associated with our nervous system, the movement of the joints and bones, the ears, the skin and the energy of the thoughts that pass through our mind.

Grounding body and mind with the wind

Therefore, if you have any of the above symptoms, you should try practicing yoga. These include various asanas that promote grounding, such as. B. Forward bends that relax the body and mind, standing poses where you feel a balance throughout the body, twists that help cleanse the body and eliminate toxins, and of course pranayama and meditation that also help calm and balance the mind and body.

8 yoga postures to prepare for autumn

1. Standing forward bend (Uttanasana)

Concentrate on anchoring the feet and legs; also use breathing and Uddiyana Bandha to lower the body deeper into the pose and relax the nervous system.

2. Sit-up forward bend (Paschimottanasana)

Grind the tubular bones and use the breath and bandha to deepen, as mentioned above. Even better: Try a restorative version of this pose, throwing a blanket or two over your legs to support your torso as you relax forward.

3. Half of Lord Fish (Arda Matsyendrasana)

A wonderfully anchored and seated twist.

4. Kneeling head (Janu Sirsasana)

This pose calms the mind and emotions and stimulates the nervous system, reproductive system, endocrine system and urinary tract.

5. Side angle (Parshvakonasana)

Try to increase the rotation with the hands by crossing them over the legs or by clasping the hands on the outside of the knee in Anjali Mudra.

6. Warrior postures (Virabhadrasana I and II)

Make sure the weight is resting on both legs and stay still in the pose. Focus on your breathing as you hold the pose.

7. Triangle (Trikonasana)

Same benefits as Virabhadrasana, but Parivrtta Trikonasana requires a little more balance.

8. Eagle (Garudasana)

A balancing pose that squeezes the arms, shoulders, legs and hips together by twisting and crossing the body. Also try to add forward bends while maintaining posture.


No time for asanas? Then sit down and breathe.

If you find that the sugar rush of fall makes you too excited to move to slow down a physical yoga practice, try sitting for a few minutes and focusing on your breathing, preferably outside where you can feel the elements on your skin.

When the winds of change are blowing and affecting your body and mind, take the time to keep your feet on the ground by using yoga as a tool – and you’ll likely find that you suffer less from seasonal symptoms.

Outdoor Yoga is a weekly column that lets you discover a whole new world of yoga. Whether on the water, rocks, sand or grass, Julie Phillips-Turner takes you and your yoga practice outdoors! Do you have any questions? Comment below or write to Julie.

You know when you look at the leaves on the trees, you think to yourself, “Man, I’d really like to go for a hike like that right now.” Maybe you even get a little excited, and think you might go for a hike right now. Then you realize it’s October, the leaves will be gone soon, and you’ll just be left with a memory. So what can you do to get ready for fall? Yoga.. Read more about yoga fall sequence and let us know what you think.

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