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Destiny 2 is a breeze to unlock new armor, weapons, spirit shells, ships, emoticons and, of course, sparrows. These faithful companion vehicles have been an essential part of the Destiny universe since the release of the original game. They make it easier to move, can be used to crash into enemies, and can even be used to perform stunts with the right models.

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Among other things, it is also a fashion trend: Some sparrows look much cooler than others. There are a ridiculous amount of sparrows in the game now, which can make it difficult to know which one you should try to unlock. So we’ve listed the best sparrows from Destiny 2.

What are the sparrows in Destiny 2?

Sparrows are land vehicles used for fast transport and patrolling. They are similar to the Fallen Pikes in that they function as hoverbikes but have no offensive capabilities. Each guard has at least one custom sparrow on the ship that can be summoned at any time.

To summon the sparrow, activate the ghost and hold down the top button until it appears. The right trigger allows for long acceleration, while the right and left bumpers provide additional navigation options, such as tighter turns, horizontal shocks, or movement in the air. Like your mind, the sparrow counts as equipment, meaning you can use an exotic model without affecting armor or weapons.

Destiny 2’s top 15 sparrows

Equipping a particular sparrow has no specific benefit or advantage. Previously you could buy and unlock different motors and motion and light modules, but these are now random bonuses.

This ranking applies to exotic sparrows and is based on appearance, as most sparrows are released at random. Remember, this data is subjective and based on your preferences, so share your favorites in the comments below. We’ll start with a few gimmicks, continue with a few unique seasonal variations, and end with Destiny 2’s best Sparrow.


Double Rainbow
There’s nothing wrong with having a few best friends.

How to unlock: It was originally a privilege to acquire the friendship of the Forsaken. It now randomly falls out of the global my pool.

To win this sparrow, you first had to convince three friends to play Destiny 2. Then they had to buy not only the base game, but also the Forsaken expansion. Then you had to play a few strikes and crucible matches with the same friends to unlock them. All this for Sparrow, who looks like he was put together from second hand stuff in a shop.


The Warrior’s Horse
It is glorious to ride to adventure…. And by them.

How to unlock: Acquired by means of random light engrams.

A mysterious player may be an exotic sparrow, but he looks like a slow-moving piece of scrap metal. The boxy design resembles the Trade Federation tanks from The Black Menace, and the color scheme is also similar. There are many variants of the Sparrow that prefer a wider front end and give it the look of a variant with a powerful engine, but this is not one of them.


Hastilud. In two words. Sparrowfighting. – Marcus Wren. Two words. Why not? – Amanda Holliday

How to unlock: Acquired by means of random light engrams.

The original exotic sparrow is worth unlocking for nostalgic reasons alone. Otherwise it’s just a regular vehicle with a few non-functional copies on it and that’s it. The biggest problem is that it looks like it could be the legendary sparrow. While he has some of the characteristics of a Roman centurion, he’s just not interesting enough to be used as a main character.


Other side
There is always a player on the night side, invisible, perfect and patient.

How to unlock: Take hits and collect rank packs from the debris.

On the backs of the most beautiful sparrows that look really delicate is Otherside. The Sparrow’s chassis is nothing special, but the flaming cow skull on the hood takes it to the next level. With the gold metallic foil on the front and rear and the slightly sloping front end, the result is a car that looks like it was built for speed.


Some traditions are too good to be true.

How to unlock: Bought it when I attended the annual Dawn event.

The design craze can be ambiguous. But when the Bungie team takes a vacation for inspiration, it always works out. Dawning Cheer is a shining example of this and allows you to live out your Christmas dreams in the universe. There is something fun and funny about driving a sled with a jet engine.


Brumeswept Night
Poking my thumbs, something evil comes this way.

How to unlock: Obtained by random light engrams or by purchase in the Eververse when available.

Even better than the joy of dawn – is a night of blasphemy penetrated. This vehicle is entirely dedicated to Halloween. It does away with the traditional size and frame of other sparrows and essentially turns you into a protective witch. It’s quirky and represents a major design change that probably took a lot of work for something that only a small percentage of people will really appreciate.


Synchrotron Accelerator In the history of mankind, there have been many instances where advanced science has been seen as a supernatural phenomenon. Perhaps today’s magic is tomorrow’s proposition. – Master Rahul.

How to unlock: Buy from Eververse as soon as possible.

The synchroton accelerator, launched during the Chosen season, embodies the sophisticated but dangerous nature of the Sparrows. The elegant and stately frame echoes the rounded look of Fusion rifles and even incorporates a deadly energy grid between the three front gears. If this thing starts spinning and fires a laser, I wouldn’t even be surprised.


Riis Racer
No! It’s this way, it’s that way! – Amanda Holliday

How to unlock: Unlocked as part of the Splicer Season Pass.

The last exotic sparrow on this list perfectly reflects the style of Season of the Splicer. It can be mistaken for a Gauntlet Splicer, but with more emphasis on the vex thanks to the seat. The coolest thing about this Sparrow are the neon elements that frame the front gears. It’s subtle and shows just enough brilliance to be interesting.


With a few more turns, Zahn turns this thing into the fastest bomb you’ve ever seen. Lucky for all of us, he wasn’t so lucky. – Amanda Holliday

How to unlock: Accidentally left behind during the completion of the nightly version of the arms dealers strike.

This sparrow became famous as the first exotic species with the ability to spin in mid-air. It now serves only as a posh, social option, which curiously often fails when arms dealers go on strike. But that doesn’t matter, because this more massive and powerful Sparrow is well worth the price of admission.


Micro Mini
Beep, beep, beep.

How to unlock: Obtained by random light engrams or by purchase in the Eververse when available.

Who needs a full-size car when you can get a bumper version? Like the meadowlark, this sparrow is unique in its size and general structure. It’s a stupid car gadget that works like any other and is useful for confusing opponents.


Praxic Finery
Be fire, or smoke in the wind

How to unlock: Acquired by means of random light engrams.

This exotic sparrow, inspired by the iron flag, is simply elegant. The use of pure white with gold accents is already elegant. Combine that with the winged design and rounded front legs and you have a unique vehicle that is without a doubt one of the best Sparrow vehicles in Destiny 2. Of course, the main frame is similar to many others, but it’s a good example of how to highlight the right features to stand out.


Blood Runner
Remember the dead. Pay off the debt.

How to unlock: Obtained by random light engrams or by purchase in the Eververse when available.

For fans of the Hive, this sparrow is just what you need. It retains the earthy, worm-eaten, bolstered texture that anyone who knows the Knight should know. The red hue sets it apart from the simple image of the Hive on your screen, but makes it come across as a deadly, alien tool that could turn on you at any moment.


You’ll never be late again.

How to unlock: Obtained by random light engrams or by purchase in the Eververse when available.

While Riis Racer takes only a cursory glance at the Tron aesthetic, which is ubiquitous in Season of the Splicer, Calypso takes it to heart. The simplified frame is completely hidden from view by the wall of electric blue light that forms the facade. It seems to have a place in every new season. If only the wall of energy could do some real damage.


Anything found in the depths of the prison should not be left there.

How to unlock: Acquired by means of random light engrams.

Originally released in the Forsaken expansion, Ravager’s Ride perfectly embodies the style of the season. Imagine an open engine on an industrial machine – that’s what you get with this product. The car has an industrial look, as if it had been assembled into a working Sparrow. This is fully justified by making it bulkier, squarer and deadlier.


Echoes of the Foreboding
Each of us has a part to play in the great plan. – Illin

How to unlock: Carry out assignments in the city of dreams.

There has never been anything cooler in Destiny than the Taken armor from the original game. It’s mysterious, haunting and radically different from any other style you’ll come across. While that outfit never came back, Echo of the Harbinger is the best you’ll find, and the best of the best sparrows in Destiny 2, no matter how you look at it. This sparrow appears to be fully infected by the Taken, but was left unfinished for your Watcher to possess. It takes a long time to unlock it in the City of Dreams, but it’s worth it in the end.

The variety of fast-paced engines that take you from place to place (even places you’d better not go) is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Destiny 2. Be sure to let us know which of Destiny 2’s best sparrows you like by sharing this article on your favorite social platforms. To receive the latest Destiny 2 news, sign up for our newsletter.

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