BudBox DC is a new Android 4.4.2 device we created that allows you to use a Digital Coconut without the hassle of using a tablet and a stylus.

A short dive into our very own do-it-yourself grow box. Inside you will find a detailed build-out with lots of pictures and a written intro to the components inside the box. As always, please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question if you have any questions about the components in the box.

BudBox DC is one of the newest subscription box services for cannabis enthusiasts and the brainchild of Chief Grover of Alternative Solutions, the top-selling medicinal marijuana producer in Washington, DC. I’ve already discussed a few of their strains that I really liked, like Grapefruit Krush, Cheese, and here’s a sweaty video of me trying to get dressed in a hot studio to talk about Green Love Potion. Ugh. I thought I’d cleaned that up. It doesn’t matter! Joey Lewis enters this competitive market by focusing on practical tools for everyday smoking and vaping at a very affordable price. With BudBox DC, you never receive the same box twice, so instead of receiving one box of the month, you receive them back-to-back. Judging by the first box your lordship received for review, the contents are worth far more than the subscription price of $15/month (which includes shipping, gaaaaand). word-image-18047 GET 20% OFF AT BUDBOXDC WITH MY CODE TOKER! First, I got a nice t-shirt from Alternative Solutions. Light blue is my favorite. How do you know that? I mean, it’s your fifteen bucks, but there’s also a carburetor cover (which easily costs more than fifteen bucks at the barber shop) and a dashing, custom glass instrument from Glass Flo Art of Frederick, MA. Look at this beauty! And functional, as the large disc in the middle serves as a stopper for the charcoal, and the glass mouthpiece works well. I could easily separate some shards without the pieces flying around, and I had no trouble picking up the softer pieces of wax. word-image-18048 Apart from these basic elements, the BudBox DC does its job very well. There are two packs of 1-1/4 RAW rolling papers, two different colors of BIC lighters (a good thing, because if they’re identical, it’s easy to forget which one is currently in circulation), a few empty pre-rolled horns in doob tubes, a small cannabis coil for lighting the bowls, a silicone wax container, an Alternative Solutions brand glass compact (for storing the concentrate when it’s on a rolled-up sheet of parchment paper or in a cosmetic bag, I believe?), and five packets of all-natural, tobacco-free, uncut lettuce leaves. The only things I think are missing from this first box are tips on working with paper and Superleafs, but that’s a forgivable omission considering the number of goodies inside. word-image-18049 If you want to give your favorite stoner a gift that will make him happy all year long, Gentleman highly recommends BudBox DC. Plus, you get a sense of accomplishment when you support small businesses! Do you need another reason? You can also get 20% off by using my code TOKER! It’s a win-win-win situation! Subscribe to my newsletter and I will love you forever and ever, like a vampire daddy.

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