Late last month, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, a Canadian based start-up, announced they had been granted a patent for what they believe is a new cancer treatment – one that can attack cancer cells in a unique and unobvious way.

A new class of drugs called oncolytic viruses have been gaining interest as a possible treatment for cancer.

New Zealand company Cannabics Pharmaceuticals announced today that it has received a New Zealand patent for a method of treating cancer using low doses of THC that activates the body’s own immune system to attack cancer tumors. The patent, which was granted by the New Zealand Intellectual Property Office, covers an innovative method of treating cancer by activating the body’s own immune system to attack cancer tumors. The company is planning to develop a pharmaceutical drug that will activate the body’s immune system using low doses of the active ingredient found in the marijuana plant.

In the world of medicinal cannabis, creating better medicines has become a real competition, forcing companies to create new technologies to achieve it. This is the case of Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, which has just been granted a patent by the European Patent Office for its new cancer drug discovery technology. Cannabics, of course, does much more than that. Medical cannabis has come a long way. From Cannabics Pharmaceuticals and its new cancer treatments to delta-8 THC, a non-intrusive alternative to delta-9 that gives the user a clear mind and slightly less psychoactive effects. New cannabis technologies mean new and improved products for consumers, and that’s a good thing for you. If you want to get a glimpse of what the current world of cannabis technology has to offer, check out our Delta 8 THC line and enjoy the best cannabis products.

What is Cannabics Pharmaceuticals?

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals is a publicly traded pharmaceutical company that specializes in the treatment of cancer with cannabis. The company is headquartered in the United States, and its research and development team is based in Rehovot, Israel. In Israel, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals has received permission from the Ministry of Health to conduct research on cannabis preparations specifically for the treatment of cancer.

The company was founded in Bethesda, Maryland in 2012. Publicly traded under the brand name (CNBX: OTCQB). is a small pharmaceutical company, which according to its LinkedIn page has only 11-50 employees. In October 2020, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals received a Notice of Intent from the European Patent Office (EPO) to grant a European patent in connection with the development of cancer drugs.

Patent approval

The 25th. In May, it was announced that Cannabics Pharmaceuticals had received a patent for its drug development technology that works at the individual patient level. The patent is titled System and Method for High Throughput Screening of Cancer Cells. According to Eyal Ballan, co-founder and CTO of Cannabics Pharmaceutical: word-image-2373 We have invested heavily in the development of this unique technology and a personalized drug discovery platform that allows us to screen and identify specific tests that are most effective in targeting specific cancer cells. An important aspect of our technology is that it can be used for the development of both personalised and conventional medicines, which undoubtedly opens up many exciting possibilities in the field of personalised and individualised medicine. Chairman and COO Gabriel Yariv also commented: The granting of this patent by the European Patent Office confirms the uniqueness of our core technology and our innovative approach to drug discovery. Data from our high-throughput screening technology for personalized medicine allows us to identify and pinpoint specific compounds that are most effective as anti-cancer agents. He also noted: This process has already enabled the Company to develop several promising cancer candidates, which are currently in various stages of the regulatory process.

Is this the first patent of its kind?

In fact, this is not the first time such a patent has been granted to this company. In addition to the European Union, which granted the latter patent, the company also holds patents with exactly the same name in Israel and South Africa. Other patents with the same name are currently pending in many other locations, including the United States, Canada and Mexico. Earlier this month, the company received approval from the Mexican Patent and Trademark Office for its patent in Mexico. Mexico’s decision came after the EPO informed the company of its intention to grant a European patent. Ballan said of the news: This patent application is an excellent example of Cannabics’ innovative and pioneering approach to the drug development process in our field. The patent has already been granted in Israel and South Africa, and we have received a letter of intent to grant it in Europe and now in Mexico. This opens up many interesting opportunities for the company in these markets, which we want to develop and expand.

What else do we do at Cannabics?

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals has several projects underway, and another of interest is the announcement of a research program to develop anti-tumor applications for melanoma patients. This announcement follows research at the company’s Israeli center that has shown promise in the treatment of melanoma. Said the president of Yariv: The company has unique expertise and experience in developing novel anti-tumor formulations based on our integrated drug discovery platform… This evaluation method organically guides the development of a new drug candidate for the treatment of melanoma. word-image-2374 This announcement follows another announcement from the company. The 17th. In March 2021, the Company announced the results of the in vivo efficacy study of RCC-33, the Company’s colorectal cancer drug. The study was conducted on mice and showed a 35% increase in survival. These results are consistent with previous studies, which showed that the drug reduced tumor size by 33%. The company plans to meet with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration soon and begin new trials by 2022. The company has also filed another patent application, which is pending. On the eleventh. In May 2021, the company filed a separate patent under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Cannabics Pharmaceuticals’ patent application relates to proprietary anti-cancer drugs covering different types of cancer. This patent is based on clinical studies with in vivo experiments on mice and in vitro experiments performed in Israeli facilities. Gabriel Yariv explained this approach: After a rigorous process of selecting, testing and analyzing a variety of unique molecular compounds and their effects on human biopsies and cancer cell lines, we have identified specific formulations that stand out for their efficacy. These formulations are described in detail in the current PCT application and we plan to develop them into new drug candidates for specific cancer therapies in the near future.

Cannabics goes psychedelic

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals currently has another interesting project. This drug is not related to cannabinoids, but rather to psychedelics. On the 20th. In April 2021, the company announced a new study of the mushroom’s psychedelic constituents, psilocybin and psilocin. To do so, the company had to obtain permission from the Israeli Ministry of Health to conduct the study in Israel. Ballad said of the company: We see a growing interest in the development of psychedelic drugs, and we understand the potential of these drugs….. Accordingly, we are working on the development of specific psilocybin and psilocin PIs for different clinical pictures and indications and are establishing collaborations with leading research institutions as part of this new research program. word-image-2375 As for how the company sees this shift to cannabis-based medicines, Ballad continued: Our goal is to develop these activities as a separate business unit and eventually become a new subsidiary.

Why is this so important?

Why is research into cancer treatment so important? Because cancer is a widespread problem in the world and the existing treatments are as dangerous as the cancer itself. According to, the number of new cancer cases in the U.S. in 2020 is estimated to be 1,806,590 – and that number only includes those actually diagnosed. In the same year, an estimated 606,520 people will die from this disease. For children aged 0-19 years, it is expected that about 16 850 children will be diagnosed and about 1 730 children will die in 2020. The most common cancer types estimated for 2020 are: Breast cancer, lung and bronchial cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, melanoma, bladder cancer, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, kidney and renal pelvis cancer, endometrial cancer, leukemia, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer and liver cancer. They are arranged in descending order of prevalence. By 2020, prostate, lung and colorectal cancer will account for 43% of all cancer diagnoses in men. In women, the three main types of cancer – breast, lung and colorectal – will account for 50% of new diagnoses by 2020. According to 2015-2017 data, approximately 39.5% of the US population will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. Looking at the world as a whole, according to World Cancer Statistics 2020: GLOBOCAN Estimates of Incidence and Mortality Worldwide for 36 Cancers in 185 Countries, published in February 2021, the number of cancer deaths worldwide was just under 10 million, although non-melanoma skin cancer is not included in this figure. According to a new estimate, the number of new cancer cases worldwide will reach 19.3 million by 2020, excluding non-melanoma skin cancer. Lung cancer was identified as the leading cause of cancer deaths with 1.8 million deaths (18%), and breast cancer surpassed lung cancer in the number of new diagnoses with approximately 2.3 million new cases (11.7%).

Risk of cancer treatment

One of the things cannabis is constantly cited for is providing a safe alternative medicine to medical areas that are teeming with bad options. Let’s take the example of opiates as painkillers. In 2019, opioids caused nearly 50,000 deaths in the U.S., and about 21-29% of opioid prescriptions are misused. And these are just reasonable numbers. Non-addictive cannabis is clearly a better and safer option. word-image-2376 This can also be the case with cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation are the two most common treatments for cancer, but they can be just as dangerous as the cancer they treat, often causing new cancerous growths, death, or just a worse quality of life. This study examines the most recent case-control study on quality of life in patients undergoing chemotherapy. The study found no improvement in quality of life in patients with moderate or low scores. It actively affects the quality of life of those who respond well to medication. In 2008, a report from the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcomes and Deaths found that chemotherapy causes or accelerates death in 27% of cases. Many studies show that chemotherapy can cause other forms of cancer, and even more studies show that chemotherapy can lead to death… making it the worst possible cancer treatment. Radiation therapy is not much better: Even, a government organization that specifically promotes cancer treatment, admits that radiation not only kills cancer cells or slows their growth, but can also affect nearby healthy cells. Damage to healthy cells can lead to side effects. If you scroll down, the organization lists the damage that can occur in different parts of the body. This is especially interesting when it comes to skin changes or changes in the urinary tract and bladder – it sounds almost harmless, but actually points to a lot of bad things that can happen in these areas. states that radiation, like chemotherapy, is responsible for the formation of new cancerous tumors in patients.


The fight against cancer is an ongoing battle that leaves an ashen trail in its wake. It remains to be seen how many deaths can be prevented or not made worse by dangerous drugs. A company like Cannabics Pharmaceuticals is doing its best to find ways around the old cancer treatments and offer something better and safer. Perhaps in the future, chemotherapy and radiation (and all the damage they cause) will be a thing of the past and new cannabis-based cancer treatments will become the treatment of choice. Hello! Welcome to, where you can find the latest cannabis news from around the world. Read us regularly to keep up to date with the exciting world of legal cannabis, and subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.

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