DC I71 weed recommendations For the past few years, DC I71 has been one of the few weed strains that I would recommend to friends who have been struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleeplessness, and other troubles. These problems have been so severe that some of my friends have been unable to hold down a job, and have even considered suicide. The use of recreational drugs has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I have never smoked any of the stronger strains of weed, such as THC-A or THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) oil. However, I decided to give DC I71 a try, and I am very glad that I did. DC I71

Marijuana has been used for centuries as a medicine and relaxation tool. It has been used to help people with pain, migraines, anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, and many other ailments. Since its inception, marijuana has been used as a drink, a food, and even a form of cash, and its use is not restricted to adults. Marijuana has been used as a recreational drug, and it is now legal in some states. It is a common misconception that marijuana causes addiction, and it is true that some people who use marijuana regularly may experience a desire to use more. However, addiction is not an issue with marijuana. Marijuana is not addictive, and the risks of marijuana addiction are similar to other drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco

Hey, guys! In my constant, fervent and almost carnivalesque desire to improve your experience on GentlemanToker.com, we’re going to try something new. Weed in DC, available through Initiative 71 delivery brands, is changing at a rapid pace, and what you need, mijo, is someone who can help you find quality flowers while they’re available, edibles that won’t let you down, and great oils. Well, that’s all you had to say! Gentlemen, at your service. A real discussion: I cannot guarantee the safety of any product. A gentleman judges quality. I think it means the same thing, but I can’t guarantee it. You got it? Then clean it up, baby! Here are my recommendations for this week:


The Gentleman tested some samples this week and found the following five gems you’re sure to love. By the way, all flowers are tested in RAW organic cones. Here are my favorites, in no particular order:

Pink Skywalker

word-image-8192 This new release from Exotic Blooms combines an incredibly sweet citrus scent that smells like starburst, with an impeccable smoke and a clear sativa-centric consciousness.


word-image-8193 Sherb Cake by Entourage DC has a nice color palette, good trichome coverage and a hint of sweetness in the nose. It is an exceptionally light smoke that gives a balanced buzz and lifts the mood without causing drowsiness.

Larry Payton

word-image-8194 New by Green Kings has a nice minty aroma with a hint of mint when inhaling. A powerful blend that is great in small doses for brainstorming and creative activities or in large doses for a nap.

GG #4

word-image-8195 Heady Club’s GG #4 (aka Gorilla Glue) brings a classic funky skunk flavor, but with a touch of sweetness. High potency, as expected, due to superior trichome coverage, but at low doses the buzz is concentrated rather than overwhelming. Locally grown and super fresh.

Mintz Ice Cream

word-image-8196 Baked DC presents Ice Cream Mintz, an aesthetically pleasing specimen covered in thick, bushy trichomes. Powerful and Indian, my worries are gone, but I’m struggling …. э… э… э to focus.


The following is a list of supplements available under I-71 whose effectiveness has been personally confirmed by the famous Gentleman’s Tolerance. I expect these items to be around for a while, as brands tend to keep the same popular foods in their inventory, but I’ll keep working to expand them!

Puff Kings Chewing Gum

word-image-8197 I’ve tried almost the entire Puff Kings line of products and they’re all great – rice cakes, brownies, Belgian chocolate, but these chewy candies are something else. They contain 25mg THC + 25mg CBD each, and I had enough for 1.5 gummies. Also for sale at Hidden Leaf DC!

truffle of street lawyer

word-image-8198 The chocolate truffles available at Street Lawyer Services are powerful, delicious, locally made Georgetown Kush Cakes! A truffle is enough to put a gentleman in a good mood. You should also try the Baghead Boys rubbers that Street Lawyer has on sale, but be careful, baby!

Athena’s Gifts Denmark

word-image-8199 If you like to bake during harvest season, Athena’s Gifts’ Stone Fruit and Cheese Danish (proudly made in Washington, DC!) is a delicious treat with a crispy crust and a sweet, relaxing flavor. This one’s already half-eaten. Oops.

Green Kings Lemonade

word-image-8200 I like to drink my tinctures because I can drink faster than I can eat, and I want the power to be immediate. Green Kings infused lemonade (produced by Taste Buds DC) brought me back down to earth that night as I drank a bottle in a few gulps. Don’t underestimate him!

Selectable cooperative cards

word-image-8201 The Gentleman recommends smoking a flower when using incense blends to get the full effect, but after 100mg Fruity Pebbles flavor of the Select home candy line, this proved totally unnecessary. The high was nice and mellow and lasted for several hours. For the record, each bar contains 300 mg of THC. I also recommend their chocobits with a 2:1 THC:CBD ratio!


Gentleman tests tobacco with the lowest temperature at PuffCo Peak. I have two excellent films for you this week:

Select Co-Op Crystalline

word-image-8202 If it’s the strength you’re looking for, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better than Select Co-Ops THCa Crystalline – it’s also a very smooth, flavorful tobacco.

Green Kings solventless

word-image-8203 Rare and tasty cannabis offerings regularly appear on the Green Kings menu, like this batch of Strawberry Banana from Punch Extracts. After a long pause for thought, I decided to limit the damage of bad vape cards by leading you to good ones. The following brands are recommended ONLY FOR THE QUALITY OF THE OIL. I cannot guarantee your safety or your health. All of these CO2 cartridges are made by a team of CO2 experts here in Washington, D.C., who I have long respected for their high quality. However, I have a new item on my list – Friendly Farms resin cartridges, available at Green Kings and District Chiefer stores. A very impressive taste, excellent potency and a full spectrum of effects provide a more complete high than distillates. word-image-8204

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