If you’re a low carb dieter, you know the weather is finally starting to feel like fall. At this time of year, I start to get excited about all the seasonal flavors that will be available soon. One of these, that I have been dying to try out, is fried goat cheese. I’ve had fried cheese before, but never fried goat cheese.

People all over the world, have been enjoying cheese for centuries. It is the most versatile food in the world. Cheese is delicious and versatile, can be part of healthy, low-carb, keto, and Atkins diets. There is a reason why cheese is so popular; it tastes great. Cheese is a very healthy food. It is low in carbs and fats and high in protein. Cheese is a good source of calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

Goat Cheese is a versatile food item that can be used in many different ways. You can use it to make cheese balls, dips, grilled cheese sandwiches, lasagna, quiche, or pizza. You can even make cheese rind crackers, cheese puffs, and cheese curls.

I had no idea Fried Goat Cheese existed until I found it on Pinterest while looking for ideas! I knew I had to ketofy it and test it for myself as soon as it was offered to me. Matt and I both sampled it when I finished and exchanged awed looks. “Is this for real?” says the narrator. On the outside, it’s crunchy, yet on the inside, it’s soft and creamy.” The rest, as they say, is history, and now you can make it at home with our help!

The Best Frying Oil

When you eat at a restaurant, the frying oil they use isn’t always the best; in fact, it’s often the worst! When frying at home, however, you have the option of using coconut oil, which we always advocate and personally use. We buy it in bulk because we don’t go a day without using it. Another good alternative is lard, which we’ve used before, and ghee is a terrific option if you’re just pan frying things. High smoke points make ghee and coconut oil ideal for frying. 

This fried goat cheese recipe is crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside and perfect for a low carb, ketogenic diet!

Appetizers with Low Carbohydrates

This fried goat cheese has become our favorite low carb appetizer as of late. We make it for ourselves when we know we are about to settle in to a good show, for keto and non-keto friends and to take to parties where we know we may not have many good options. Another couple of our favorite low carb appetizers can be found on our blog, such as Parmesan Crisps, and Buffalo Chicken Dip that you can serve with veggies or our flax seed crackers!

This fried goat cheese recipe is crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside and perfect for a low carb, ketogenic diet!

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Fried Goat Cheese is a favorite of ours.

This will be our go-to low-carb appetizer in the future because it satisfies all tongue desires on all levels. You can never have enough with a crispy, crunchy surface and a smooth, creamy middle. It goes well with any dipping sauce, but my personal favorite is Raos marinara sauce, a low-carb sauce available at most local grocery stores! Before you dismiss this fried goat cheese, give it a shot. 

This fried goat cheese recipe is crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside and perfect for a low carb, ketogenic diet!

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Low-Carb, Keto-Friendly Fried Goat Cheese

13-minute total time

8 person servings

114 calories per serving

Time to Prepare: 10 minutes

3 minutes to prepare


  • In a small saucepan, melt the coconut oil over medium-high heat. To keep track of the temperature, place a thermometer in the oil.

  • In a small dish, combine the coconut flour and two eggs; in a separate bowl, coarsely chop the ground pork. Pork rinds can be readily ground by placing them in a zip-top bag and crushing them.

  • Place the 8-ounce log on a dish and cut it into 8 even pieces.

  • Place the goat cheese, egg wash, and pork rinds on the plate one at a time, coating each one in coconut flour, egg wash, and finally pork rinds.

  • Add two goat cheese cubes to the coconut oil when it reaches 345 degrees and cook for 30 seconds. Cook for another 30 seconds after flipping. Remove to a plate and cover with a paper towel.

  • Repeat until all of the goat cheese is cooked.

  • Enjoy with your favorite dipping sauce!

  • NOTE: For frying, we found that keeping the oil between 330 and 350 degrees is ideal. You can do this by adjusting the temperature as needed.


1.75 net carbs + OIL FOR FRYING (it is hard to determine how much oil is absorbed in the frying process so it is not included in the nutrition given below – it will increase the fat content)

Nutritional Information

Low-Carb, Keto-Friendly Fried Goat Cheese

Per Serving Amount

114 calories 67 calories come from fat.

daily value in percent*

7.4 g of fat (11%)

Carbohydrates account for 31% of total calories.

1.25 g/5 % dietary fiber

8.25 g (17%) protein

* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are calculated using a 2000-calorie diet.


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Not much to say about this one, at least not in the intro paragraph. But it’s a pretty funny post!. Read more about keto goat cheese balls and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is goat cheese okay on keto?

Yes, goat cheese is a low-carb food.

What cheeses are allowed on keto diet?

All cheeses are allowed on the keto diet.

What cheeses are low in carbs?

There are many cheeses that have low amounts of carbs. Some examples are feta, mozzarella, and brie.

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