Gas tankers are a type of truck that are often used to transport crude oil. A gallon of crude oil is about 42.17 US gallons, and is transported in 55-gallon steel drums. While it is possible to transport crude oil in smaller barrels (53.5 gallons), a 55-gallon drum is the industry standard.

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Tiger! Yes, of course. That’s why my pansexual, polyamorous drug cult didn’t get off the ground. It’s not that I don’t have charisma, it’s that I don’t have tigers. Well, that’s good news! I can buy a tiger. I mean, us. You can buy a tiger. If you are all willing to contribute, bring your own materials to build the zoo and pay for everything, I am sure we can buy many tigers. I will post a link to GoFundMe later! And your credibility with the Cult of the Tiger can rest on your gift, as can Scien Wo-ho-ho’s credibility, there, Hoss! No need to dig into the cedar nest, we’ll stop here, okay? Instead, let’s talk about our friends at Joint Delivery Co. On their website you will find several sets of smoking tools, goggles, etc that you can buy with delivery. There are different gifts in each category – for example, you’ll find flowers in the Rolling Essentials package. The minimum order value for delivery is $50. Joint Delivery Co has launched its own line of premium flowers under the brand name Re: fresh. The gentleman picked an impressive lot called Gas Tanker to investigate. word-image-8800 The quaver consists of two large, beautiful buttons in a clear glass jar with a signed lid. These dense bushes are a healthy green, dotted with dark hairs, and their perfect manicure has left many shiny trichomes to admire. The overall feel of the bag is very high. Gas Tanker’s aroma profile is spicy and slightly acidic, reminiscent of the Chem and Diesel lines that are definitely somewhere in its lineage. Smoke cleanly, easily and effortlessly. But what is even more impressive is that these buds are very resinous! You’ll find it really sticky, young Esquire, and you won’t go wrong. A few days after opening the jar, it still leaves traces on my fingers. A pretty rare trait, in my experience. word-image-8801 Kaif is absolutely perfect for the tidying up and organizing that you want to do over and over again, as it calms the mind while being very invigorating, even stimulating. It’s important to cultivate a state of inner peace while cleaning, otherwise your brain will tell you that cleaning sucks, remind you that there’s a series on Netflix called Better Call Saul, and you’re still a little tired, right? The Joint Delivery Co’s tanker has had me buzzing around the apartment like a bee all week, doing the dishes and cleaning up the mess in the mansion, and occasionally sweeping up the dwindling disinfectant wipes. I thought the stores would restock, but in two weeks I haven’t seen a single bottle of hand soap or isopropyl. I only need one bottle for myself and the rest for my tiger army outside. What, you want me to bring him in? I don’t think so. Sonny, please!

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