For many years, I have been an avid runner. I have run a half marathon, a marathon, and many other races. The GRP Adapt Mat has been a tremendous aid during my training. Though I have run pretty well on it, I have also run my worst and it has held up very well. I have used the GRP Adapt mat for all of my training runs for the Lisbon Marathon in December, and it has performed flawlessly.

The GRP Adapt Mat is a new product that is the product of a collaboration between independent developers. I am personally involved in the development of the GRP Adapt Mat and have played a key role in the creation of the GRP Adapt Mat. The GRP Adapt Mat was developed with the intention of providing a way to stay active whilst backpacking and hiking, which can make it hard to use a traditional mat whilst on the move. The GRP Adapt Mat was designed in response to the need for a mat to allow for comfort in a large number of different ways.

There’s a new mat on the block – the GRP Adapt Mat. I’ve always been a fan of yoga, but I’ve never really taken yoga very seriously – I’d only go to class if the yoga teacher was cute. As my blog has grown over the last year, I’ve become more interested in yoga, and I ended up making a commitment to practice daily. When I first started practicing, I’d use my old yoga mat for a short while before it started to get a bit worn. Eventually, though, I ended up with a pretty nice yoga mat, but I struggled to use it. I’d always end up cutting corners and cutting into the mat to do certain poses, and within a few weeks, I was left with

Meet Manduka’s most durable mat, the GRP Adapt. Versatile enough to train on, from the slowest flows to the sweatiest sessions, forgiving so you can get into a pose more easily, and light enough to carry from one place to another. Do you need a mat that suits you? Get to know your new assistant. word-image-5593

Circumstances are constantly changing, and true peace lies in the ability to adapt to those changes. – Mingyur Rinpoche

Some amazing benefits you may notice

Uncompromising grip.

Enjoy maximum slip performance in all conditions – from the slowest currents to the sweatiest sessions. The satin top layer provides a luxurious feel and an incredible customizable grip.

Maximum moisture absorption.

Absorbs twice as much sweat as the competition – no need for a towel. Say goodbye to sweaty slippers and hello to a workout without distractions.

Energetically activated core.

Our patented Responsive Ride TM lining offers unparalleled absorption and energy return. Energy in : The innovative combination of elasticity and traction allows you to strike a pose (and hold it longer!) while your joints become more flexible. Turning off the power : The unique honeycomb structure also energizes you and gives this rug a unique suspension. The Adapt mat is the next level! It has excellent traction even in the sweatiest situations. The density and padding of the mattress are so supportive! – Lara Estrada, Manduka Ambassador

About the technology…

word-image-5594 Adapts to your circumstances. Adapts to your practice. Adapts to your life.In our quest for a better workout, we’ve found that the key to a better workout is a better mat. Our GRP Adapt Mat is a better mat. It works with you for a more successful workout. It’s a mat that you can actually adapt to, to get the most out of each and every workout.. Read more about manduka grp vs pro and let us know what you think.

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