We all know that the health of our patients directly impacts the health of our practice, but when they come to us complaining of weight loss, we all have the same question: Why are they not eating more calories? Or, more specifically, why are they eating so few carbohydrates?

After years of following a low carb diet, which many of the medical professionals have been doing for the past 10-15 years, it is now time to switch to a keto diet. The reason for such a switch is mainly because a low carb diet may not provide the adequate amount of energy needed for the trainee, and therefore they may have some health problems (such as fatigue, liver problems, muscle cramps, lack of focus at work, etc.) as well as weight loss.

Activating console controls in Enter the Gungeon is done with a mod called Mod the Gugeon. After downloading and installing, press the tilde (`) to call up the game console, then enter the cheat code of your choice from the list below.

character (character id) – Sets the specified character as active
clear – Clears existing rules from the console
spawn (creature number) – Creates the specified number of enemies in the room
spawn all – Creates all possible creatures
spawn chest (rarity) (number) – Creates the specified number of chests Spawns the given number of chests of the given rarity
tp (x coordinate) (y coordinate) – Teleports you to the given coordinates
give (itemid) (number of items) Returns the given number of items
give all – – Returns the given number of items Give all items
give all weapons
give all actives
give all pasives
give shells
roll distance (number)
roll speed (number)
test skiplevel
help – Command list

A list of element and character IDs can be found in the Nevernamed document.

Here’s what you need to know about Enter the Gungeon console controls and cheat codes. If you want to know more about how to get skills you technically shouldn’t have in other games, also check out our Fallout 4 and Valheim cheat code articles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do doctors recommend low carb diets?

Some doctors recommend low carb diets for people with diabetes, epilepsy, and other conditions.

Can you go from keto to low carb?

Yes, you can go from keto to low carb.

Do cardiologists recommend the keto diet?

Cardiologists are not recommending the keto diet.

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