Master Kush Rosin (Liberty Cannabis DC)

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Ok, so you were just sitting around with your bud, basking in your recent purchase, and decided to make the most of it. You took a few pulls, and just as you were about to crack open your binder and grab your papers, your friend comes by, and says, “Hey, wanna see this new medical marijuana strain? It’s kind of like a kush but not so potent, and has a nice flavor to it.” So of course you say yes, and give it a go.

Okay, rocket men, let me bring you up to speed. Liberty grew medical marijuana in Washington before being licensed in Maryland. They used to be called Holistic Remedies in the District of Columbia, but changed their name to Maryland. I really liked some of the colors, especially Master Kush.

However, their concentration left much to be desired. Very much so. Very, very good. So I created a website to get their attention online, because Takoma Wellness blocked my review on Sticky Guide.

When they became Liberty in Maryland, I thought: Maybe I’ll try again, maybe they’ve improved. And to their credit, Liberty Maryland is really trying, and I love that, honey, so the Lord has graciously spared their souls for eternal torment in the terror chambers of Anubis, or whatever the ancient Egyptian hell is called. I have to admit I’m not entirely sure, but I’m sure it has to do with crocodiles.

I was at Tacoma Wellness the other day and needed a new vape battery. I was determined to put the past behind me, at least as far as my personal comfort was concerned, when I suddenly saw Liberty’s Master Kush resin on the menu!

I took half a gram, even though it was $50, expecting to see something similar to Maryland, maybe not quite right, but definitely a sign of progress. Upon opening the glass jar, we found an odorless extract of decent consistency, but of an unattractive deep brown color, almost black.

Because it is resin, we are more lenient about the color than with solvent extracts, where a dark color can indicate unprocessed solvent that you don’t want in your lungs. No style points, but I don’t run for the hills either. I light the torch and prepare the cotton swab. It tastes like… like…

Hurry up, boys!

It’s a bit like seeing The Martian in IMAX. That sounds like Eddie Murphy signing on to play Pluto Nash. It’s like the day you walked into the room where your mom was fucking your uncle, and they were both yelling that Santa didn’t exist, and you slammed the door and ran away crying. It has the taste of all that is good, right and beautiful in the world that has died in your mouth and is releasing its bowels, like a hanged man leaving this sad and desolate world.

It tastes so bad that I’ve had to re-evaluate my entire life, the choices that got me to this point, licking the ass of a dirty parasite. I took a wrong turn somewhere. I could have been an architect or something. That was on the test in high school, right?

So the good thing about Liberty DC’s Master Kush resin is that I can invent a time machine to take me back in time before that timeline joke comes true.

Okay, but seriously, it tastes like chlorophyll. You know this taste if you’ve ever mowed a lawn. Liberty DC’s Master Kush resin tastes like someone just shoved a bag of dirty weed down your throat.

It’s disgusting, but more than that, it means they’re pressing resin out of garbage, which is disgusting, but more than that, they’re still ripping off patients in the province because that absolute garbage costs $100 a gram.

In the end, it seems we should consider Liberty DC a separate entity from Liberty Maryland, which is silly, but the two are clearly not comparable. I will stop bullying Liberty DC because I will never buy another product from them.

If you want to check out my work and get a taste of diabolical childbirth yourself, Maryland and D.C. patients can go to D.C. clinics, so go ahead, kids. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!A friend of mine recently contacted me and asked if I had ever heard of Master Kush Rosin. He explained that they were a new rosin company that was creating high quality rosin at an affordable price. I thanked him for the heads up and decided to do some research. The more I read, the more intrigued I got. I stumbled across the website and immediately knew I had to try it out. I went to my local dispensary to buy some of their rosin and ended up picking up a bag full of Master Kush Rosin.. Read more about takoma wellness menu and let us know what you think.

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