Pink Rabbit Collective is a group of people, with various backgrounds, who come together to make a positive contribution in the world. We make videos, write about our lives, and share our passions with the world, in hopes of helping others.

I am a 22 year old male living in the UK. I currently have two websites that I am working on: my personal website and my business website. I am also working on a book to accompany my business. All of my content is my own, and is the majority of it in the form of videos. I hope to have everything completed by the end of 2012 in any case.

Hello again, Washington! If you’re wondering where your new amigo Judge Bud Green (awwwwww) has gone, the Pink Rabbit Collective is to blame! Canna Initiative 71’s delightful selection of gifts has made me feel happy and serene these past few weeks. They generously let me try out their excellent Gorilla Glue #4 Flower. Shit! If you want to join the collective (and you do), you can find them online at О ! Team members can also participate in Pink Rabbit events such as. B. about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. word-image-4188 The flowers of the Pink Rabbit collective are beautiful. I tried two of their strains, Gorilla Glue #4 and Blue Dream. Both kinds are familiar to me, and PRC’s gifts are among the best examples of each kind I’ve encountered in nearly three decades of debauchery. The PRC gorilla glue was a very good surprise. This variety is highly rated, but has never been my first choice among sativa hybrids. The flowers from the PRC were beautiful, though.  Once crushed, they opened up and gave off a really sweet smoke with a strong but not bitter taste.  The high was a pure sativa. Want to know how it went?  Listen to the song Blackalicious Do This My Way. This is what the perfect sativa looks like to me.  Blue Dream was perfectly cooked, fully crystallized and made me want to pick the flowers, smell them and look at them repeatedly. Burning them was like destroying art. I did it anyway. word-image-4189 Conclusion: I believe the Pink Rabbit collective is looking for a new location on I-71. First class service, the discretion that comes with it and a wonderful selection of gifts. When we dreamed about what the world might be like after Prohibition, it was very close. The colours of Pink Rabbit are especially fresh and bushy.  These were not just cones with the name of the breed, but proud representatives of their family name.  I will proudly carry the flag of the pink rabbits in the next rodent war. Bookmark.

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