HashApp is a new app that simplifies the process of getting your medical marijuana card. You can purchase marijuana-infused snacks, drinks, and other products from any of the 67 dispensary locations in Washington state and Colorado. Earlier this year, the company launched its service in Los Angeles. Now, it’s taking the service to the entire state of California.

Purple Candy (HashApp) is a web-based application for managing your medical prescriptions, which eliminates the need to search for RX numbers, print out a script, and then take it to the pharmacist. Instead, you can just click the button and have them call you when they have it ready.

Today we’re taking a look at a new gift jar delivery service in DC called HashApp. It’s not really an app, so don’t worry, you don’t have to download anything to your phone, and you don’t have to worry about a team of illegal cybernetic black squads stalking you between episodes of metaplots for wet work contracts because you wanted to get high. It’s just a clever, relaxed title.

  • www.hashapp.org
  • Delivery and collection
  • Open from 10.00 to 22.00
  • Open from Saturday to Sunday from 12.00 to 22.00.


Our HashApp test sample is Purple Candy, a strain I recently saw in D.C. with BC genetics. Leafly thinks it’s something between Mendocino Purps and BC Sweet Tooth. It is advertised as an indica with a sativa effect. We call it a hybrid! A quick note: I never criticize anything until I have reviewed it. I don’t want to be inappropriately influenced! The smell of this monster is very appropriate. It has the classic Purps aroma that Gentleman loves, a ripe blend of woody and warm spices, but the spiciness is balanced by a distinctly sweet note. All points! Aesthetically, the purple candy from HashApp meets all requirements. My sample was well aged and surprisingly fresh. The cones are plump, not thick, and finely ground to an almost perfect consistency. And of course it has a wonderful smell that poorly preserved old marijuana loses over time. word-image-7047 Plus, this Purple Candy specimen is full of trichomes, beautiful orange hairs and purple hues. The bag is very attractive. It’s not as luscious smoke as in my utopian vision of the NWO where we all get together and dance to the rhythms of the world as if no one is watching while submissive robots prepare our feast, but it’s sweet enough for government work. Isn’t that what you want to use it for?


I smoked half a jay this morning. It gave me momentum, but my mind was unfocused and prone to wandering anxiously. It was easier to sit on the internet for an hour or two and learn about NFL Free Agency. This deal with OBJ is a big step for the Browns! Same button, dimmer light. word-image-7048 After lunch I smoked a joint of half a gram and that really got me going. A very energetic and physical high. It didn’t reduce my anxiety, it just made it worse. My chest thumps, my body has a panic attack. Once I understood what was going on, I was able to look at things objectively and calm down. After that, I was fine. I found it useful to talk to others, especially when I presented my philosophical position on the role of the media in society to my friend the driver with great clarity, without the slightest hesitation or diversion. It was very consistent. And now his mind is open to the fifth dimension, which means I don’t have to tip. You’re welcome, fellow traveler.

HashApp’s Purple Candy is a powerful product, not your everyday breakfast. This can be a problem for people who suffer from anxiety and paranoia when they smoke. I would try it before a workout to enjoy the invigorating effects while balancing it with natural endorphins. Yoga, meditation, Soc Hop camaraderie, maybe even a degree…. if you give yourself a reason to focus on something other than what you’re going through at One Tree Hill, I think you’ll find it a good use.

Gentleman approved!

I look for objective quality rather than effects, as those can be subjective, and Purple Candy from HashApp has that quality in abundance. HashApp has many more gifts – check out the range on their website! APPROVED! word-image-7049

Frequently Asked Questions

Is purple candy a sativa or indica?

This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy. Purple Candy is a sativa cannabis strain from the HashApp marijuana seed bank with a THC level of 22%. It has a sweet, citrusy flavor, and a high that is tingley and euphoric. In other words, it’s perfect for daytime use.

What strain is purple candy?

Purple Candy (HashApp) | If you’ve ever been to the Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles, you know that the best strains are the ones that are two to three weeks old. They have a much higher THC content, and they also have a nice purple hue. When they’re smoked, they give a light purple smoke that is quite beautiful. Purple Candy is a strain that is amazing. It is a pure Sativa hybrid strain that is fairly new to Colorado. It is very potent and will leave you in a very good mood once you have smoked it. It is a very colorful strain with purple hairs that are very noticeable.

What is Purple Kush?

Purple Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing the purple strain of cannabis with the White Widow strain. The resulting plant is a long-lasting and easy-to-grow plant that produces a high-quality harvest. The flavor of the flowers is described as “sweet” and “buzzy,” with a “candy-like” tone. Purple Kush is a naturally-occurring, purple-hued strain of cannabis flower. You can find Purple Kush at dispensaries, as well as other cannabis retailers that sell marijuana. Purple Kush is one of the most well-known strains in the United States and has a storied history, dating back to the 1960’s. Purple Kush, was originally from the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and was named after the color of the drug.

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