When it comes to probiotics, you’ll find a ton of different options. For example, you can go with a strain-specific option, a multi-strain option, or a vegan option. While each one of these types of probiotics can be effective, the best probiotic for athletes and active people is a multi-strain probiotic with 60 billion CFU. What you need to know about good probiotics for athletes is that they are ones that have a formula that includes a variety of probiotics.

It is not surprising that a product that specifically targets the health of the gastrointestinal tract is becoming increasingly popular. The digestive tract is a complex and delicate system that plays a vital role in the overall health of our bodies. Ever since the introduction of the microorganism theory by Anton de Bary in 1873, researchers have been studying the relationship between the health of the gut and the rest of the body. Probiotics are live microorganisms that are thought to have a positive effect on the human body. Some strains have been shown to support the immune system and promote healthy digestion.

If you’re a runner, you’ve likely heard the advice that you should be taking some form of probiotic supplement for optimal health. If you’re a runner who’s been injured lately, however, you might be wondering whether taking a probiotic supplement could help prevent future injuries. A recent study conducted by the University of California, Davis, has found strong evidence supporting this idea. Participants in the study were given a probiotic supplement for six weeks, and were found to have a lower risk of injury than the control group, which received a placebo.

Product name: Sports research daily probiotics 60 billion CFUs word-image-7533 word-image-7534 Total rating: word-image-7535 word-image-7536 Type: Capsule (vegetarian) Cap size: 22 mm X 8 mm Price:$25.00 (+ S&H = $34.28) portion size: 1 capsule per day with a meal Supplied parts: 30 Cost per day: $1.14 Live crops guaranteed by/to: Production time Main components and number of cells A daily probiotic blend of 60 billion CFUs and 12 probiotic strains, including:  Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis, Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus fermentum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus paracasei, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis Satisfaction guarantee? : Yes Best use for: A daily dietary supplement for people with specific diseases to restore balance and support digestion and the immune system. Reference source: Click here

General position:

I had never heard of Sports Research (SR) until I got my hands on their Daily Probiotics 60 billion CFU slow release formula for men and women. I originally found this probiotic on Amazon because it is popular and has good reviews. Through extensive research and experience, I have learned that these popular products are often made by shady, questionable companies that don’t really exist, have questionable practices, and make disposable products. I was happy to see that they have a real website, a business and many other products. But they seem to use Amazon quite often, and SR Daily Probiotics 60 Billion CFU currently has 4.7 out of 5 stars and 307 ratings. While there are only 6 reviews on their website (all 5 stars of course,). *Speedy speech and words of admonition from you…. I just ask everyone to pay attention to the evaluations and do their homework when possible. If you look at the reviews on Amazon, almost of all reviews have 5 stars (impressive and hard to find).  As well as several 1 to 4 star reviews. Their page on Amazon was rated C (not very good) by the Fakespot reviewer, and last week, after a price change, they were rated A as if by magic.  So something seems fishy. One final important note: On the bottle is a sticker with a free product if you rate the probiotic positively and write a review about it (which is probably the source of all the perfect 5-star reviews). /Stop rambling Well, I’ll stop talking and get back to the subject of this probiotic! I noticed almost immediately that Daily Probiotics 60 billion CFU is very similar to Physician’s Choice’s 60 billion probiotics (right down to the packaging and capsules).  You can go back and read my review, but let’s just say it’s on my obscenity list. The similarities became even more pronounced when they both received poor ratings, and I ended up giving this probiotic an unfavorable rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars. One of the biggest issues I have with this probiotic is the amount of probiotics and CFUs it contains.  There are just too many of each, and more in this case does not mean better or even more effective. They also do not contain the prebiotic fibers usually found in solid probiotics, as these serve as fertilizer for friendly bacteria. The bottle also states that refrigeration is not required, but strongly recommended, and that the product should be protected from excessive heat, freezing, moisture and light.  Unfortunately, these probiotics were not shipped refrigerated.  I prefer stable probiotics because they are more robust and generally contain more viable ingredients. That said, I really feel like my probiotics did not contain live, viable bacteria. I had no side effects at first (which is very common with such powerful formulas), and I noticed no benefits or improvements in my digestive issues and IBS symptoms. These probiotics are also more expensive compared to regular probiotics. Finally, the capsules are larger and tend to get stuck in my throat. You should also take the capsules daily with meals. Overall, this probiotic was not a hit for me, and the only reason I am not giving it 1 star is because it did not cause any unpleasant side effects, at least not for me.


Ingredient/tension profile The name says it all, but Sports Research Daily Probiotics contains 60 billion CFUs and 12 lacto- and bifidoprobiotic strains. I would like to point out that supplements that contain huge amounts of strains and CFUs are just not ideal and sometimes not even effective. These mega-strong probiotics can be too good and lead to dismal results. Sometimes these high CFU levels and different probiotics compete with each other and with other good bacteria. And sometimes it even has negative side effects. I would also like SR to specify the and strains used, not just the genus and species. But of the (many) probiotics, I find the probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum. This type of probiotic is known to help balance the good and bad bacteria in the body and keep their levels under control.  It is also good for the regularity of intestinal transit. It also helps manage the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and reduce uncomfortable flatulence and bloating. Another probiotic used is Lactococcus lactis subsp. Lactis (abbreviated toL. lactis ). Some studies have shown that L. lactis promotes healthy skin, good immune function, IBD and allergies. I find it odd that they contain so many different probiotics, but no prebiotic fiber (which serves as food for the good bacteria).  That’s what I like to see when I’m looking for reliable probiotics. Allergic diseases There are no major allergy problems with this probiotic. It contains potato starch, an ingredient some of you may be wary of. Veggie Caps are free of gluten, dairy, gelatin and GMOs. It is certified as a vegan product, has undergone third-party quality control and has been verified by the Non-GMO project. Other ingredients include:  Non-GMO potato starch, slow release vegetarian capsule (hypromellose, gellan gum, purified water), L-leucine, silicon dioxide. Price/cost A bottle of 30 capsules costs $25 at Sports Research (SR). For some reason the price was $20 a week ago. And oddly enough, it was originally $21.95 on Amazon (that’s the amount I mentioned in my YouTube video), and it happened to drop to $15.37 in the same week. Anyway, I’m basing the price/value on the current price of $25.00 listed on the SR website. They only offer free shipping on orders over $75, which adds $7.50 for shipping and $1.78 for taxes.  They also offer PayPal and Amazon Pay at checkout, which I don’t always see! But with shipping and tax included, the total cost is $34.28. So you have a supply for 30 days, and the daily cost is $1.14. Anything over $1 per day is considered more expensive than average. I am willing to pay more for a better quality product, but unfortunately this product does not fall into that category. To me, this is not value for money at all. Side effects To my surprise, I had no negative side effects from this probiotic. I say this because it is incredibly strong, and I usually have side effects within the first week. I rely heavily on probiotics for my painful symptoms of IBS, seasonal and food allergies. When I tested them at home, I could see that they were not effective at all and that my symptoms did not diminish. When this happens, I tend to think that the probiotic bacteria are not alive or viable, and that is a big disappointment. Maybe I just had a bad batch or something, but still be careful if you are new to probiotics or are sensitive, because they are really made to be strong. Warranty Sports Research claims to guarantee the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its customers. They also offer a 90 day money back guarantee on their products if you are not satisfied for any reason. But above all, the return costs are at your expense. You can print a return label at home for a flat fee of $7.50. If the company gives you a return label, they will deduct $7.50 from your total refund. Sources of supply for To purchase Sports Research Daily Probiotics 60 Billion CFUs, click here.

Sports Research Daily Probiotics 60 billion CFUs : Summary

Factor Sports Research Daily Probiotics 60 billion CFU
Overall assessment   word-image-7537word-image-7538
It is preferably used as A supplement for certain diseases and to restore the digestive balance and promote digestion, the immune system and general health.
Ingredient profile 60 billion CFU with 12 probiotic strains
Allergy problems No major allergens (contains potato starch)
Price/Costs 25 for 30 capsules (1 month supply), plus shipping and tax – total $34.28.
Side effects No side effects (surprisingly), but no benefits either 🙁
Warranty 90 day satisfaction guarantee – but you will be charged $7.50 for return shipping.
Where to buy Click here

Sports Research daily probiotics 60 billion CFU reviewSports Research Daily Probiotics 60 Billion CFU is a probiotic supplement that claims to be a great way to keep your digestive system working properly, especially if you are an athlete or an active person who is always on the go.. Read more about sports research elderberry gummies and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many billion CFU probiotics should I take?

Research is now showing that probiotics – the good bacteria that live in our gut – may play a role in the prevention and relief of many common health problems, including diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and infections. The research is so new that no single probiotic formula will help every user, so the best advice is to try different probiotic formulas until you find the one that works for you. Professional Writing & Communication Awards 2018 Finalist in the 76 th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. 2017 Finalist in the 77 th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book The benefits of probiotics are well documented, but the correct dosage is not as well understood. In order for the probiotics to reach their full potential and populate your gut with good bacteria, you must ensure you are taking the correct dosage. It is no secret that the daily consumption of probiotics at a certain level will help to maintain the gut biome and aid in digestion. The following table shows the amount of probiotics needed to achieve the optimum dosage for each individual. The above claims are not supported with any links to references.

What is a good CFU for probiotics?

The CFU is the abbreviation for colony forming units. It is the amount of live bacteria in a probiotic supplement. The higher the CFU, the more bacteria is being supplied to the body.  The average CFU for a probiotic is typically in the range of 15-30 billion. The reason why the higher CFU is recommended by many is because the human body is made up of over 70 trillion cells.  Since the 60 billion CFU probiotic is a large percentage of the total number of cells in the body, the higher CFU makes it easier for the probiotic to populate the intestine. As the probiotic grows into smaller colonies, it will be able to aid in the digestion of food, and help A probiotic is a live microorganism (usually bacteria) that has been shown in studies to be beneficial to health. It’s also known as a “friendly” or “good” bacteria. Probiotics, such as those found in yogurt, have been around for eons and are most commonly associated with their use in managing vaginal infections. But they have been found to have applications in managing a variety of other conditions, including asthma, eczema, constipation, allergies, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Is sports research a good brand?

Did you know that sports research is a great way to reduce stress? Athletes know that they can’t always control the outcome of their games, but they can control how they react to the outcome. This is a key part of sports research, as the ability to effectively handle stress can make a huge difference in an athlete’s performance. As a blogger, you have to be careful with your reviews. You have to be sure that what you say is true, because your readers trust you and they want to make the right choice concerning the topics you write about. This is why you need to be extra careful when you write a sports research probiotics review, because the credibility of your blog depends on the credibility of your reviews.

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