On January 20 , 2018, Starbucks discontinued the sugar free version of their  Cinnamon Dolce syrup in favor of the regular version. This change caused a major uproar among dieters, and a petition on Change.org to bring back the sugar free version has now garnered over 80,000 signatures.  Many dieters are upset, and many people are convinced that Starbucks was somehow behind the change.

Starbucks is always on the hunt for ways to improve its product line, and a recent change in a popular product line is a huge one. Earlier this month, the coffee giant announced it was phasing out its sugar-free flavored syrups in favor of a new, all-natural version. The change is significant for two reasons: the first is that the all-natural syrup is higher in calories than the original, with 1 gram of sugar in two tablespoons of the new liquid. The second is that the new syrup will not contain artificial coloring or preservatives.

Oh, Starbucks, you break our hearts without sugar!

A few weeks ago it was just another day in the life of our company, but when I joined our Facebook group, everything changed. I saw that our wonderful keto friends had mentioned that Starbucks had recently taken the sugar-free Cinnamon Dolce syrup off the market in their region. What? NO! I quickly opened the Starbucks app and heaved a sigh of relief: Phew, it’s still there.

Unfortunately, it was too good to be true.

A few more weeks went by and the syrup slowly disappeared from my appendix as well. I spoke with a waitress at the local Starbucks and she confirmed that the sugar-free Cinnamon Dulce syrup is indeed no longer available. So for now, we’re left with the sugar-free vanilla syrup.

I’m still baffled by the fact that they gave up sugar-free hazelnuts, and now they’re doing it. Dude, I’m looking at you with the Starbucks eye.

Unfortunately, this means that our Horchata Starbucks Keto drink no longer works.

This cloud has an inverse

The good news is that Starbucks still has 13 amazing drinks that can be sliced up to make them messy keto friendly, including my favorite keto drink, peaches and cream! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Starbucks comes out with a new sugar-free offering.

Take the next best thing. ….

If you don’t want to miss out on this flavor, you can order a gallon bottle of Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce sugar-free syrup on Amazon for $44.95….. It’s too rich for my blood, but what can you do!

Amazon also sells a 25.4 pound bottle of Torani Brown Sugar Cinnamon Syrup for about $13. Or you can do what I did and buy a bottle or two the next time you’re at TJ Maxx.

I’m not sure what Starbucks is thinking, because most restaurants are offering more and more sugar-free and low-carb products, and it seems to be back in fashion.

Come on, Starbucks, join us, please!

Check out all these Starbucks Keto options here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup being discontinued?

No, we are not discontinuing the product.

Why is Starbucks discontinuing sugar free syrups?

Starbucks is discontinuing sugar free syrups because they are not as popular as other flavors.

Does Starbucks sell their sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup?

No, Starbucks does not sell their sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup.

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