Everyone knows yoga can help you achieve a better, more energized you. But what if you needed a good, upper body stretch? Well, you can get one with these nine yoga poses. These poses are especially good for targeting the upper body, which is a common area for people to have issues with, such as lower back pain.

Stretching is an important part of your routine that can improve your flexibility and make you feel more agile. Yoga is also a great way to increase your flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. It also helps you to focus on yourself, as well as how you can improve yourself. If you long for a healthy and active lifestyle, it is recommended to add yoga in your daily routine.

Yoga can be a great way to workout the upper body without getting down and dirty at the gym. While different yoga poses—or asanas—have specific muscles targeted for working out, these poses can be modified to target different areas of the body.. Read more about yoga poses for upper body stretching and let us know what you think.

Bad habits, particularly poor posture from hunching over to look at smartphones or sitting for the bulk of the day, create stiffness and stress in the upper body. The good news is that yoga poses may help stretch and release this tension in the upper body, making us feel more open, healthy, and joyful as a result. These yoga poses can help you generate space in your upper body by stretching.

1. Sukhasana with Arms in the ‘T’ Position


Extend the arms out to a ‘T’ posture while sitting in Easy stance (or a chair if seated position isn’t available). Reaching the hands upward and downward, pushing energy through the fingers to engage the arms, work this stretch into the upper back and neck. Connect your breath to the action and pay attention to how your upper body feelings change.

Gomukhasana is the second asana.


Gomukhasana, or Cow Face Pose, helps you extend your arms and shoulders while gently flexing your upper back. If your shoulders are very tight, a strap may be used to join the hands. Allow the upper elbow to extend upward and the lower elbow to stretch downward after you’ve made the connection with your hands behind your back. Crossing the legs in the classic version of the posture may also assist to stretch the lower body.

3. Garudasana (seated)


Eagle arms in this version assist to stretch the upper back and shoulders. Gently move the elbows up and down to explore the position, paying attention to how movement impacts the upper back.

4. Bhujangasana (Super)


Cobra position (bhujangasana) is a traditional chest-stretching posture that also activates the arms by drawing the shoulder blades together. The ‘super’ cobra adds a fresh twist to this classic. Bring your hands wide and away from the mat in this version to activate the shoulder girdle. Bring your hands wide and push your fingers into the ground after a few rounds of bhujangasana. Keep your elbows bent and your chest open forward, extending your upper arms and shoulders profoundly.

5. Uttana Shishosana (Uttana Shishosana)


Puppy position, also known as Uttana Shishosana, extends the chest, shoulders, and arms. It’s a wonderful posture to hold while concentrating on your breathing. Come into tabletop on all fours and move your hands forward, pushing your palms into the mat and straightening your elbows to enter the position. Place a block under your chin if your brow does not reach the mat. Change the stretch’s tension by pressing your hands into the mat.

6. Make a Needle Thread


The Thread the Needle posture helps to stretch the upper back, which is notoriously stiff and difficult to reach. Begin in tabletop position by extending one arm overhead, then bringing the arm across the body and under the opposite armpit, maintaining the palm facing upward.

By pushing the top of the hand into the ground, you may customize the stretch. Bring the ‘unthreaded’ arm into a bind for an extra opening in the chest (as pictured).

Seated Marjaiasana-Bitilasana (numbers 7 and 8)


In a sitting posture, doing the Cat-Cow combination may help you include some vinyasa into your upper body stretch. Inhale and extend your arms back, expanding your chest and shoulders from a sitting posture.


Bring your low belly in and extend your hands forward, stretching your upper back as you exhale. Connect your breath to each action and extend your whole upper body to find your flow.

9. Block Supta Baddha Konasana


This supta baddha konasana variant with a block may be a good choice if you’re feeling tired. Allow the chest to open by placing the block between the shoulder blades. Allow the stretch to enter quietly by bringing the soles of the feet together and relaxing the arms.

These postures may assist the upper body remain calm and flexible by incorporating them into a regular practice. Experiment with the postures to see what works best for you.

Yoga may not be the first thing you think of when you need a good stretch, but it can help your upper body and get rid of those pesky kinks and knots. Start by working your way down your body, starting with your neck and shoulders, then your back, and finally your arms.. Read more about which asana stretches the front upper torso and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which yoga is best for upper body?

The best yoga for your upper body is a vinyasa flow, which will help you build strength and flexibility in your upper body.

What are 5 upper body stretches?

There are many upper body stretches that can be done. Here are a few examples: 1. Reach up and touch your fingertips to the ceiling, then slowly lower yourself down as you inhale deeply. 2. Stand with your feet together, arms at your sides, and bend over so that your head is below your knees. Hold this position for 10 seconds before standing back up again. 3. Extend one arm in front of you while bending the other arm behind you

What are the 9 yoga poses?

The nine yoga poses are the following: 1. Standing Forward Bend 2. Half Moon Pose 3. Seated Forward Bend 4. Warrior I 5. Warrior II 6. Warrior III 7. Warrior IV 8. Warrior V 9. Plank Pose

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