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If a friend asked you what it felt like to be high on weed, would you really be able to accurately describe the experience? Marijuana is an illegal substance, so you’re probably not going to try it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something about the effects of weed by giving it a try. The short answer is: it feels kind of like you’re in a really good mood.

A cannabis high is difficult to describe. Still, wondering what a high feels like is a valid concern for people who are considering adding cannabis to their lives.

For all the cannabis content that’s available, it’s difficult to describe the plant’s effect without resorting to giggly movie depictions or people who are spaced out. Weed’s effects depend on a number of factors and cannabis can produce widely different responses.

Clinical studies of cannabis have found that it produces feelings such as relaxation, loss of inhibition, euphoria, sleepiness and perhaps altered perceptions. When it comes to negative side effects, there’s paranoia, fear, nausea and even hallucinations. Studies have shown that cannabis has been associated with a bit of everything.

Cannabis is very individualized, with the same strain able to produce different effects in different people depending on how they’re feeling. If a person’s mood is high and positive before smoking, and that is coupled with the right strain, euphoria will likely be experienced. If stressed out or anxious before smoking, the user might have paranoia and unease that make the experience unpleasant.

Some lucky people claim to feel very creative after consuming weed, being able to engagingly read, paint or write for hours. For other people, however, the opposite occurs; they may be having a great time, but their memory is impaired and they can’t really commit to activities that demand a fair amount of engagement.

Hallucination is a strong word when applied to cannabis, but there is some truth in saying cannabis can alter perceptions and senses. Places and objects may look different than normal, sounds and music can grow into more powerful experiences and meals can become much more appetizing.

Bad trips are distinct possibilities for cannabis users, whether experienced or not with the drug. / PHOTO BY GETTY IMAGES

Bad trips are distinct possibilities for cannabis users, whether experienced or not with the drug.What does it feel like to be high on weed? New smokers have higher odds of experiencing these feelings if they don’t understand what dosage works for them and their bodies are still adjusting to how highs work.

In this case, the best thing to do is to consume THC slowly, checking in with one’s feeling periodically to manage things as best as possible.

Describing someone’s cannabis experience is almost impossible. A person’s mood, genes, the strain being consumed, the setting and more are likely to have a hand in determining the experience.

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