With a hectic schedule and too much stress, it’s easy to overlook the fact that you haven’t done much yoga in a while. But you have to try, because it really is the best and most important thing you can do. Yoga isn’t just for the “fun” classes, it’s also good for your mental and physical health.

Yoga for beginners can be intimidating, and the benefits of practicing it in your 30s are many, including increased strength and flexibility.

As your 30s approach, you may be wondering what next. You’ve most likely reached your career goals, and you’re probably settling down with your significant other. But there’s so much more you could do. And with the benefits of yoga to help you, you don’t have to wait any longer.

I believe we can all agree that anybody of any age can and should practice yoga on a regular basis… So, why look at the reasons why those of us in our 30s should practice? As you can see, this period is comparable to adult puberty.

The difficulty of suddenly being a legitimate “grown-up” and having to make more responsible decisions is real, people! It’s not like in your twenties, when you pretend to be responsible and yet stay up all night with your crush or for your favorite band.

In your 30s, you stay up too late and the following day is a dark pit of misery, so you put on terry cloth pajamas and watch Netflix until 10 p.m., then fall asleep with the dog in your arms.

So, let’s be serious for a minute and speak about the things that arise in our 30s that we may have been reluctant to address but that yoga might assist us with!

1. Maintaining Your Sanity

Sure, this applies to any age group, but in your 30s, you suddenly realize you’re an adult, and things become serious (-er). Things begin to change emotionally, and life begins to seem a bit different.

This may be difficult, so utilize the mental as well as the physical aspects of yoga to help you move easily through this time and begin to create your new bright future with hope rather than dread.

2. Changing the Shape

Let’s face it, we’re no longer in our twenties—everything seems to gravitate toward our thighs, bellies, or, much worse, our upper back and arms! Yikes! Working out is no longer simply for pleasure (or to check out the local talent); it’s now about maintaining your health!

Prevention is important, and the best way to accomplish it is to remain active throughout your 30s with something that keeps us long and slim, like yoga! Yoga is also good for your metabolism, so you’ll remain balanced and in touch with your digestive system.

3. Unusual Objects

Is it just me, or do those lovely high-heels pain your feet more than they used to? Have your hips begun to creak as well, or is it just my bursa making noise as I try to fit into last year’s tiny jeans? My neck also aches more and doesn’t turn as much as it used to… Is there such a thing?

Yes, it’s true that as you approach your 30s, your body parts begin to droop, slow down, creak, and perhaps hurt at the end of the day. With a little more time on your yoga mat, you can keep all of that from becoming worse.

4. Introduction to Biology

Hormone levels in men and women naturally fluctuate as we age, go through stressful periods, have children, and so on. And when those hormones interact and alter, mood patterns emerge. “Goodbye 29, and hello mood swings, depressed tendencies, and unexpected worry!” says the majority of us. GAH!

For males, this may imply a decrease in testosterone, and yoga can assist with the emotional roller coaster that can accompany it (and its hair loss). It may influence menstruation symptoms, mood swings, and (even more) cramps in women. It alters how we respond to stress, playing tic-tac-toe with our cortisol levels and promoting anxiety, sadness, and mood swings in all of us.

This is not a cheerful present. What’s more, guess what? Yoga is beneficial! First, the postures and breathing methods help to circulate and oxygenate the blood, which helps to relieve cramps, enhance mood, and balance hormones. Second, the yoga tradition’s eight limbs educate us to think before we speak, listen before we react, and breathe before we leave the home into a world of inquiries about when we’ll be having kids, purchasing a house, or tying the knot.

“At-ha yo-ga anu-sha-san-am,” repeat after me. “At this point, the yoga practice begins.”

5. Wine from the previous night

OK, maybe this isn’t true for everyone in their 30s, but it seems like a lot of us “gym it” in the morning, navigate rush hour traffic to get to work, sink into a busy beehive day, then come home to cook a “healthy-first” meal, do a load of laundry, and THEN…sink into a cozy arm chair with only one way to unwind—wine.

Booooo! Let’s replace some of that nasty “go-go-go” attitude with a yoga session that either eliminates the “need” for “a calming glass” or at the very least aids in the removal of yesterday’s toxins from the body!

And there you have it: five reasons why you should practice yoga consistently in your 30s! It’s actually very simple: we should practice for a better life! What is your primary motivation for practicing yoga?

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Aging brings about many changes that make it difficult for us to keep up with our bodies. These changes include the loss of muscle mass and loss of bone density. This can lead to back pain, muscle stiffness, and joint pain. Thus, a simple practice, like yoga, can be beneficial. But what are the benefits of yoga in your 30’s?. Read more about is it too late to start yoga and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you start yoga in your 30s?

Yes! Yoga is a great way to start feeling better and more relaxed.

What age group does yoga benefit the most?

Yoga is beneficial for all age groups. It helps to improve your physical and mental health, as well as flexibility and balance.

What is the best age to learn yoga?

The best age to learn yoga is when you are physically and mentally ready for it.

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